Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bargain Shopping....

If there's one thing I need it's more "toys" all know how much stuff I have in my studio!! I boxed up quite a lot of it when the house was put on the market but the room is still full to the brim!! But today while HB and I were out doing some shopping we came across a couple of bargains we couldn't pass up!!

This is a Dremel-like tool that we bought for $6.99!!!!

HB has a Dremel tool but now I have one to keep in the studio....and all his attachments work with this new one. That's a stroke of luck!

And then we found this....

An 11 piece set of wood carving tools for $1.99!! I've been wanting to try my hand at carving some stamps so these should come in handy. All these fun little tools we found are brand new, in the box, from a discount tool store.

Don't you just love bargains!!


  1. OH wow at your good fortune today! I have a dremel and love it, you will love yours too. I have a couple of tools to carve stamps with but haven't tried that yet. Can't wait to see yours if you carve some, maybe that will make me want to try it.

  2. Take me with you next time you go! Those are amazing bargains! My dremel doesn't even have half those drills! Good for you. Now, whatchya gonna make?

  3. Those are great bargains!

  4. wow! those were great finds! I am so in love with my dremel tool. They should give classes on them because they can do so many things.

  5. Oh Wow! Those are fantastic bargains! What lucky finds, Janet.
    At those prices, it might be worth the gas to drive up there to pick me up a set! Hmm, well, at today's prices, maybe not, lol.

  6. My father had all kinds of wood carving tools. My sister's four sons are all into some sort of carving. Wood or metal, it doesn't matter.

    I can see you using the tools for your art, you most likely will like doing that sort of creating.

    Enjoy your marvellous bargains.


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