Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Infinite Wisdom of the Power Company!

You may see me melting like the witch in The Wizard of Oz! The weather has taken a turn for the HOTTER and the power company has decided this is the best time to turn off all electricity in our neighborhood so they can do maintenance!! So today (Thursday) between 8 AM and 5 PM the electric will be off. Guess what the temperature is supposed be.....108ยบ!!

The shopping mall is looking mighty inviting....and anyone who knows me, knows I hate shopping malls! But it's either that or movies or both. There's no way I can stay in the house with temps that high. The thing that concerns me is the kitties! What are we supposed to do about our pets?

Needless to say with no power I won't be visiting any blogs! Send cool air!!


I couldn't just leave without a quiz thingie!! So here's one for today....and the answer surprised me!! Shouldn't this say purple!!

You Are a Red Crayon

Your world is colored with bright, vivid, wild colors.
You have a deep, complex personality - and you are always expressing something about yourself.
Bold and dominant, you are a natural leader. You have an energy that is intense... and sometimes overwhelming.
Your reaction to everything tends to be strong. You are the master of love-hate relationships.

Your color wheel opposite is green. Green people are way too mellow to understand what drives your energy.


  1. For some reason I can't enlarge your blog to a full size. I really prefer a crispy cold winter day to a crazy hot summer day. I despise malls as I might find a restaurant and take a crossword or journal to write. Or have showers all day long! As for the pets.....I would leave a tub full of water and keep wetting my animal down all day long. Soon as he dried off back in he went. Sometimes changing the water during the day. For cats who hate water, I don't really know what you could do, maybe ask a vet. I would try to wet a cat down too! Change the drinking water constantly and leave bowls all over the house and outside!

    Good luck with that's hot here too...but not like that!

    Hugs Sherrie

  2. wow janet that is soooooo hot, I wouldn't be able to styay at home either, I know my granmdma in las vegas is experiencing the same sort of heat, the funny thing is it never gets above 70 here.
    good luck hope you don't melt away

  3. That was fun - I was a green crayon - all calm and peaceful apparently (snort - yea right!)

  4. Oh Janet,
    Living here in the desert I know what you mean about is inhumane to turn off the electricity in this heat, downright dangerous...sending you some of my AC....oh BTW love your new photo!!!

  5. Last week when we had no power because of the storms it was only 90 and that was hot enought. 108 is very hot!!! Try to keep the house cool by keeping the shades down on the windows. Take showers and drink alot of water. Make sure the cats of fresh water but not to cold. Also use a cooler for the water so you can keep the fridge closed.

    My dogs found cool places to lay in the house and did ok.

  6. OMG I hope you found a cool spot to hang out....
    Hope your animals are okay!

    They just don't think, when they do this stuff, do they? Could they not have done it in the wee hours of the morning, for the health and safety of animals, the sick and elderly? Hope everyone fares alright out there.....

  7. Im a green crayon, lol. your opposite! Well, they say opposite attracts.. :)
    fun thing to play with.. love this of John Locke..

    Peace n hugs, Kai xx

  8. You poor thing suffering in the heat! I can understand you not wanting to escape to a mall too. I don't like lots of people in one space either..

    Like your crayon color .....wonder what color I will be?

    And I love your new profile photo. You are gorgeous and your face has so much personality!

  9. I hope you and HB and the cats have survived that awful heat - I've experienced that kind of heat just once in Egypt where it was accompanied by a sandstorm and was appalling. I can't believe the power was turned off deliberately in those conditions.

  10. Just did the quiz and I'm a green crayon:)

  11. Well I hate to say it Janet but I am slightly envious of the heat you are having! LOL! although perhaps it is a tad too hot! we have had an appalling summer over here in the UK,way too much rain and very little sun, I feel cheated!

  12. As the powers gone off and on over the past couple of days - even though for not a whole 8 hours! It was only a 103 here today but so humid from the little electrical storm we had.We just have fans anyway, which is kind of crazy in this area, but I can so sympathize with you, Janet. We've seen two movies this week, to cool off - Stardust and Mr. Bean's Holiday. Loved Stardust and Mr. Bean made us laugh it was so silly. Anyway, sending cool thoughts your way!
    Oh - and I just found out I'm a red crayon, too - I was hoping for purple or green, though, lol.

  13. WHAT? They turn the power OFF for that long? Must be some heavy maintenance. Seems like they could do sections at a time and give you power sooner than that, or at least do a brownout thing. Well, I guess fighting the power company is like fighting city hall, huh? Hopefully they have considered people with medical problems, etc. I think I would opt for the movies....I'm not a mall shopper either. xoxoxo

  14. Now is when you need a generator...
    Living in the "hurricane" state I think EVERYONE should have one, at least you could run the frig and a 110 AC..I would say I'de pray but it is now Friday and I'm sure it's all over by now.

  15. God's Creation, would the power company turn off on a hot day like that! Girl, I would be protesting on their doorstep! THat is WRONG!! ..Huh! You know how I AM with this heat thing!Everyone's poor pets! an babies... What about the sick and elderly? That is just stupid. Can you tell I am miffed! ha!

  16. Melting is right. Oh, melting red crayons are so sad, too! It sounds beastly hot and wisdom. . .well, I think not.

    BTW, I'm a red crayon also.

  17. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Uggggggg! People with certain conditions get sick when it's that hot. That must be miserable! I hope that you are drinking alot of water!

  18. Oh no! It was so blasted HOT!

  19. Oh to be a red crayon. I am not surprised in the least, that you are a red crayon. You rock the box! At least you weren't burnt umber.
    Blue, stay cool you!

  20. How miserable!!!! My heat flashes are bad enough!!!
    Try to keep cool and think snow!!! B. :)

  21. Maybe you are a red crayon because it is so hot! Hoping you don't melt...I lost a lot of crayons that way!
    I hope things will cool down and then you can be a purple crayon, like "moi"!
    It is hard to have fun when it is too hot!

  22. O! Janet I hope you are still with us and not running down the street! melted away to nothing. what a silly thing to do, I mean shutting down the power like that for the day gosh what about the older citizens. and yes the sick or babies not to mention the animals or yourself goodness me now I am stressed about it all.

    many hugs to you. Lee-ann

  23. oooh I hope by now the air has cooled and the aircon come back on, wow that must have been a killer. Janet, I haven't been around for a week or two, and you seem like a new lady! Your hair is stunning and so is the cute photo, and you are sparkling and bubbling....yay!

  24. I came up a green crayon and it says "Your color wheel opposite is red. Every time you feel grounded, a red person does their best to shake you." You red you!

  25. Oh Goodness, aren't power companies grand? How thoughtful that they would turn off your power on a day that it is a chilly 108 degrees. Sounds like something they would do here in the south. We are slowy cooling off here, hope it happens for you soon.


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