Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Introducing "The Dream Dancer"

Drum roll, please. The beaded art doll is finally finished. It took me almost the whole month to do it but that was not working on it full time. I only beaded a little each day due to the heat. Even with a/c my studio is warm.

Without any further delay may I present The Dream Dancer....

Front view....

I think these photos are clickable to see them larger.

Back view....

I'm quite happy with the way my first ever beaded project has turned out. Oh, there are some mistakes!....and the beading isn't always the neatest in the world but all in all I am pleased with what I've created. And there will definitely be more beaded projects in my future. I find it very relaxing to bead.


  1. looks good to me Janet and who said the beading police would come around to check you out-not me.

  2. Janet-this is really beautiful. Very well-done. I hope you feel like logging more when the weather comes but I sure can understand what you meant in the last entry. You need some time away and peace. When everything in your life is chaotic-none of us feels quite right. It's just too much stuff! I hope things even out for you-I'll still be looking forward to whatever you write.

  3. Janet,

    I love the finished doll!

    Thanks for showing it.


  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Ohh she is beautiful! Great work Janet! Absolutely lovely! It was a wise thing to only bead sometimes bue to the heat.

  5. She is beautiful! Hard to believe she is your first beading. Great job, I can't wait to see what you do next.


  6. WowieeEEEE! Janet!!! I LOVE her!! YOU can dance with her today!!lol I wouldn't know where to begin doing such tiny detail!!! Thanks! for coming by and saying what YOU did! I needed that!!! ((((((Janet)))))

  7. wow.oh wow.that's gorgeous Janet.. :)
    Peace and blessings, Kai xx

  8. WOW! I just added a few beads to a wall quilt and thought it was tough. You did a great job!!

  9. Finally, I am able to get your page to load. I cannot get Blogger to co-operate for the last few days. Am I alone in this ? All I see are template backgrounds.
    Anyway, I'm here now and I want to say I think your beaded doll is perfect. Her colours and personality shine through. If this is a first attempt, I can't wait to see what you accomplish when you are experienced..!

  10. Hi Janet!
    She is fabulous!! I love her! I'd never guess she was your first!
    Have been laying low here...too hot to do much of anything these days, including blog...but glad I stopped by your place. :)

  11. Oh wow, Janet - she is beautiful! I love all the swirly patterns and colors and textures from all the different beads. This is just really, really cool.

  12. Oh Janet,,,I just Love her!!! How beautiful. I wish I could do some beading and I might do that one day. I have missed you.

  13. Janet Girl! You outdid yourself! This is amazingly beautiful! The colors are perfect! and you did such a great job! :-)

  14. OMG Janet this is absolutely came out just as wonderful as I knew it would!! The face goes perfectly and the colors and the various designs and beads....truly, this is awesome.
    You've really inspired me!!

  15. She really is a work of art-so much detail. I'm not sure if I have the patience (or eyesight) to do all that beading!

  16. Dear Friend, you have once again
    made something special. She is beautiful! You are so patient...
    I have been busy doing a album for my Auntie who is turning 75 years young. And a gift for one of my lunch ladies..Ruth. I love her name. I will be busy all week with planning a family gathering next occation, just for fun. We are going to do Corn on the cob in our big, very big pot on our fire pitt. play games with the kids and just be happy we are together. I love your Doll, and I look forward to your next adventure.

  17. She is fantastic - wow!! Good luck with your blogging decision - I have had similar feelings too. Do I blog, or don't I? I love it, but it takes up so much time.....

  18. The doll is beautiful - I love the wonderful vibrant colours in it. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend and slightly cooler weather - it's perfect here, high 70s, sun and a slight breeze. Think I might celebrate the nice weather by buying a bottle of Pimms:)

  19. Blimey Janet, that is amazing! I wonder how many beads there are in total?!! Well done.

  20. Wow...this is so beautiful and intricate...a lot of heart and soul went into this!! Gorgeous!
    I'm sure she will be a sort of talisman for you....all that you poured into her, and the therapy that this project provided... :-)
    You are so talented!

  21. See Janet, It isn't about patience at all. It is about enjoying what you do in the process that is so easy.

  22. OMG!!!! She is gorgeous!!!!
    I am so proud of you Janet. She looks native or something. I think she turned out perfectly.
    Well done!

  23. Janet it is beyond beautiful. It is impecably perfecto! WOW. Some times patience and a lot of work really pays off. I sure hope this is not for a swap, because you'll never get anything anywhere this gorgeous in return.

  24. Oooohhh!!! The textures, shapes, rainbow of colors... What a treasure! I wouldn't know where to start... but I would love to learn. She is amazing (and so are you). Big hugs :-)

  25. Wow Janet! I love your beaded art doll. How long did it take to bead it for goodness sake? I have been making a painted fabric one today, and contemplating stitching a couple of beads on it!! I feel like binning it after seeing yours. Val

  26. Very beautiful and well worth the wait!

    Hugs Sherrie


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