Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life is Just a Box of....

First I want to say that several people have emailed me to say they aren't able to comment on my blog. I've been having the same problem on other blogs, too. My email is in my profile if you want to contact me directly.

I may be able to get a button for my Love Reaches Out project. Please stay tuned!!

Now for something completely different.....

Isn't he just gorgeous! My favorite honey captured here in a work of art. What do you think the artist used to create this?? Acrylics, oil....you would be wrong! This was done with a box of Crayola crayons! Check out the artist's website here and just see what he accomplishes with this simple medium.

I can't take credit for finding this artist. I saw his work on Kathy's blog and could hardly believe my eyes. This guy takes crayons to a whole new level!


PS - Dianne, he's ALL mine!!


  1. Hey! Sez you!! Step away from the Depp-or put up yer dukes...
    What is it about the bad boys???

  2. Wowie! That's amazing - I thought it was a photo! He's just yummy as a pirate, so any medium works for me! Amazing stuff!! Gotta love good ol' crayons!

  3. Truly amazing!

    Well- and yah- he would be truly amazing -however he was captured, ehh?? ;)


  4. Whenever I buy new art supplies I remind myself that a skillful artist doesn't need much to create fascinating art. Your pirate proves it. Don't you want to share him a bit?

  5. Two words....YUM O!~

  6. Wow...This artist IS amazing!!!
    Sorry ladies Depp is not available!

  7. Mmmm Mmmm!!! Crayola never looked so good!!!

  8. Sometimes when I am not logged in to my own blog, I have a problem commenting.
    This comment screen didn't give me any trouble.

    Aaah, how wonderful a painting with crayons.

    Gotta get my granddaughter's crayons out.

    Oil pastels are nice, too.

  9. I'll sword fight you for him..lol!!!
    Peace, Kai..xx

  10. That is an absolutely amazing work with crayons. I've had some troubles here and there commenting and also with sites loading..

  11. Mr. Depp is just another pretty face...I can't believe I said that!!!!!
    My Grandchildren were drawing at our Bar=B=que this Saturday with a box of crayola's I keep just for them...I think everything they do is beautiful....but I have never seen this kind of talent with a crayola....WOW.
    I bought Artful Blogging today...what a treat!

  12. Depp doesn't do it for me!!!LOL I don't have any crushes right this minute, my past loves have been Armand Assante,Antonio Banderas(have YOU seen the Mambo Kings) and Enrique, the singer, ahHHHHH! I'm going to have to check this crayola guy out!!! The pic of Depp is AWESOME!!! My crayolas are packed away! We should all get some, color and post our work one day!!!

  13. Hi: Just wanted to let you know your are tagged by a MeMe over on my blog. It is a really interesting one. If you’ve already done it, that is cool. If not, I recommend doing it even if you don’t post it. It is a great mental exercise.


  14. There is no comment box on the top post....I know blogger was suppose to have an interruption the other day. Around 4 pm pacific time. Maybe something got botched!

    Hope it gets fixed soon!

    Hugs Sherrie

  15. Honey, I'm afraid you're going to have to share him with all of us. That is amazing, crayons! Wow.

  16. I have no idea how I could have missed seeing that portrait...but I did. Thanks for pointing it out!

  17. Wow, oh, wow! THAT took a whole lotta crayons and time! But that bad boy's definitely worth it!
    What talent (I meant the artist, but, um, Johnny, too, of course!)

  18. Oh my gosh I thought it was a photo until I read your blog. He is hot isn't he? Heehee


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