Monday, August 20, 2007

Love Reaches Out....

My next door neighbor came over yesterday and we were just chatting....I showed her my beaded doll and the scarf I was working on for the Red Scarf Project and told her about the Comfort Dolls being made around the blog world. She asked me why I didn't just support the local women's shelter. I sadly had to admit I didn't even know we had one!!

My neighbor, "T" works at one of our schools and is very connected to and knowledgeable about our community. "T" told me she takes things to the women's shelter quite often and they are always very appreciative. She told me of several other places where gifts are always needed.

This all made me think about what I had written here yesterday and I began to formulate an idea. I'm going to begin crocheting or knitting scarves, blankets, hats, etc and as I finish these pieces I'll dedicate them to one of my blogger friends....a bit like making a donation in someone's name. I'll put a photo on my blog and tell who it's dedicated to and where I will donate it.

This may not be popular with everyone but I think it makes sense. Why don't we all find local places where we can donate our items and give to those places rather than continue to send things to one another. As I stated in my blog yesterday, we all receive so many gifts....I can't even think how many times I read a blog that says "Look what I got in the mail"....and yes, that's always nice to get a surprise in the mail but think of all the people who NEVER get anything in the mail or at any other time.

There are so many wonderful giving projects going on around the blog world and I love to participate in them but it would also be nice to actually see where my gift goes and to know that someone in my community got it.

This doesn't mean we can never send gifts to each other but just think about how many things you've received over the past year and then think about someone sitting in a shelter or some other facility who never got anything....not even a card. You all make wonderful items and anyone would be thrilled to get a gift from you. Let's spread it around and make it possible for lots of people to enjoy all your talents.

And nothing says it has to be a crocheted or knitted item. There are so many things that could be made. The Comfort Dolls are a wonderful example. Any small, cheerful item that someone could just hold and look at would surely bring a smile to their face and warm their heart. It could be anything! You girls are all so creative and imaginative that I know you can come up with tons of ideas and wonderful things to give. And you could do it right in your own community.

What do you think of this idea?? Create something, dedicate it to one of your blogger friends, then donate it to a place of your choice in your community....I'm calling it Love Reaches Out.

If you decide to join in please leave me a comment and I'll make a list of everyone who is participating. And feel free to take the button from my sidebar and use it on your blog to tell others.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful idea. I'm going to put my thinking cap on and come up with something so I can join you in this endeavor.

    Count me in! Do you think we could have one of those nifty buttons everyone puts on their blogs so we recognize who is doing this?


  2. Last year a couple of friends and I decided that we weren't going to join any more swaps - but, rather look out for each other...and I like that idea...

    But, I want something more that just the RSP...and I have tons of yarn here that I could knit tons of hats, scarves, amd maybe mittens...and I think I am going to do what you have suggested...and make something in honor of one of my friends and pass it along to one of our local charities...thanks for the idea!!!

  3. I can't believe you were talking about women's shelters just now.
    I was talking, on Saturday, with my DIL and her brother's GF, about emptying my closet and where to give the clothes. Also, if I made charity stuff, who would need them the most. The friend mentioned women's shelters, and said that they would need all kinds of things. That's what I decided to do.
    I am making socks for a Cure Breast Cancer program. the link is in my blog. There is also a scarf program going on for breast cancer cure. I have the yarn for a pink scarf ready to be created

  4. i love this idea Janet.. :)to start.. Make a hundred hearts and hand them out everywhere!!
    Peace, Kai xxx

  5. I am not so very crafty when it comes to crocheting and knitting, but I have been thinking about the comfort dolls, trying to imagine what it would look like - what one of the women from the shelter I worked at in Texas might like.

    You are such a caring, giving soul, Janet. Lots of food for thought here in this and your other posts!

  6. That's a wonderful idea Janet. At my job we sponsor local families around the holidays. We also put together backpacks for children that are taken away from abusive homes and have toy drives and other fundraisers. But I know there's so much more I can do.

  7. This is amazing....I have emailed you about this!!
    What a wonderful person you are!

  8. That is a beautiful idea, Janet!
    I hope it catches on!
    There is always someone to knit or crocet something for!

  9. Janet you are an amazing heart and a wise soul! I prefer to give in my area to womens shelters too. You are incredible!

    Hugs Sherrie

  10. Great Ideas going on here...our ladies group at the church are always making things for the nursing homes and we have a home for pregnate ladies that can always use help. I'm thinking on the doll project.

  11. What a wonderful idea, a little like the goats and well, in Uganda, I bought my family one Christmas.

    Thanks for inspiring us Janet.


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