Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Meme....How Unusual!!

It's been awhile since I've done a meme and I've seen this one around several places. I had saved it in my documents so I'm not sure where I got it from originally....sorry!

The thing is to answer each question with a word that starts with the first letter of your first name. For me that was definitely a challenge...."J" is just not that common for some words! But here goes:

1. Famous Singer/Band:
Joe Cocker
Joni Mitchell....am I showing my age??

2. 4 letter word:

3. Street name:
Jackson or Jefferson Street....many towns have streets named after presidents.

4. Color:
jade green....this one was tough! Can you think of any other "J" colors??

5. Gifts/Presents:

6. Vehicle:
jeep....HB and I had an older jeep when we lived in CO. I wouldn't mind having one like this....

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop:

8. Boy Name:

9. Girl Name:
Jane....come on, no one said I had to be original!! and at least I didn't use my own!

10. Movie Title:
Jerry Maguire

11. Drink:

12. Occupation:
jousting....Hey, it was a job once upon a time!!

13. Celebrity:
Johnny Depp, who else!!

14. Magazine:
Just Cross Stitch....I cheated and looked this up online as I couldn’t think of any magazine beginning with J!

15. U.S. City:

16. Pro Sports Teams:
Jacksonville Jaguars or Utah Jazz

17. Fruit:
Jujube....It is too a fruit!! Here’s a link to learn about it.

18. Reason for Being Late for Work:
just bee-cause!! Sorry....I couldn't help myself!

19. Something You Throw Away:
junk....But not always 'cause it might be good for creating something!

20. Things You Shout:
Just stop that!! Usually shouted at Harley when he’s chasing LuLu around the house!!

21. Cartoon Character:
Jerry of Tom & Jerry


  1. You are good!
    I can't think of a 4-letter word off the top of my head that begins with "A" - for my name. I started to say or a color...but then Azure blue came to mind...

    Very cool meme!

  2. You did well to come up with all these 'J' words:) I might try this secretly on my own just to see whether I can - the colouir might be a problem for starters!

  3. J is a hard letter! I did this one a while back, and I think my letter was way easier :)

  4. I'm so impressed! You did great! I can hardly believe you manage the job one without resorting to jailer! I'm sure I would have. Thank you so much for my award.

  5. You are clever, Janet-I would never have thought of jade green, but I most definitely would have thought of Johnny Depp!

  6. Neat answers Janet, that was fun. I hadn't seen this meme before, and you came up with some original answers..!

  7. I like your list. And I learned something new (jujube is a fruit!).

  8. Sorry - but Johnny Depp is all mine!!!

  9. Cool meme, Janet. I love it! Do you mind if I try this one day when I am stuck...which is alot these days~!!!
    Jeep, I love Jeeps. Land Rovers too. Too bad my name doesn't begin with L.
    G...now let me see, Grand Cherokee!

  10. That's a jovial meme there Ms Janet!!
    well done.. I have K, thats an easy one!!

    Sept 24th Heroes season 2.. :)

    Peace, Kai xx

  11. Great answers! It's a leap from Joni Mitchell to Johnny Depp!!!

  12. I LOVE Joni Mitchell and I used to listen to Joe Cocker too! Phew! (back in the day)YOU did a very great job on your meme!!!Cheers!!!Janet! xoxooxo

  13. I was trying to think of answers as I went along. The four letter word starting with "A" stumped me. The only one I could think of was a seven letter word. Can those be called "four letter words"? LOL I settled on the word "ain't" since I grew up having it made very clear to me that "ain't" was bad English.

  14. Anonymous11:35 AM

    WOOO HOOO! Tom and Jerry! Loved them! All of your answers were wonderful! I'm trying to think of things that begin with the first letter of my name but I swear...it's harder then I thought! You did great!

  15. You did really well, especially for 'J' - I don't know if I could come up with that many things even for 'T'. Fun reading, Janet! xo

  16. This reminds me of that 1,2,3 O’Leary game when I was a kid....A, my name is Anna, my husbands name is Al we live in an Adobe and we sell Apples....remember? haha very cool....I have had my jeep for 15 years now! Loved you answers very fun!

  17. I stole your questions, Thanks!

  18. You are very clever, Janet!
    I love the one you chose for job, "jousting"...better than "janitor"!

  19. Hi! Just found your blog, and this meme is a fun one! I'm going to try it too. I sure had to smile when you were able to include Johnny Depp and Jousting!! Hmmm...would he make a great Knight in Shining Armor or what? :)

  20. Wow, now that's tough! I couldn't think of half of the things with R!!! How fun!

  21. They say puzzles keep you young Janet...so good going here!


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