Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Love Reaches Out....

I'm getting excited about my Love Reaches Out project! Lisa Oceandreamer has been kind enough to create a button for me to use and it's over there on the sidebar....but it will be changing sometime in the next few days because I've created a special blog just for this project!

You can go here to see it and read about my idea.

I hope you decide to join in and participate.

My scarf that I had started for the Red Scarf project is finished and I will be posting about it on the new blog later today. I know it isn't going to a local charity but I had already committed to it before I had my idea. You can see who it's dedicated to and I'll post a photo.


  1. Love the new blog and the button for the link. You and Lisa make a great team.

    I already have an idea, I just need to come up with the place to donate it to.


  2. That's so sweet of Lisa to create a button for you..the idea is wonderful..
    Peace, Kai xx

  3. I just visited over there and commented, but it's such a great idea, I have to comment here, too! Great idea!! Really great - as in the start of something big! A wonderful way to make the world a little nicer, Janet. Is it ok to spread the word with the link to it?

    Oh, and wonderful button, Lisa made for you too. How sweet!

  4. Awesome!!!
    Janet you are great! What a fantastic and fun way for people to get creative and help.

  5. Love the new blog....This will be such fun. I will be on board.
    I put a new name and header..what do you think????


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