Friday, August 24, 2007

One Little Kitty....

I've been working on several things over the past couple of days but this is the only thing I've completed....

A little (only about 4" tall) kitty with a beaded tail. I'm not sure how to attach the tail permanently. I put beads on a piece of wire so I could curl it, and then I just stuck the other end of the wire inside the stuffed cat. Do you think it would stay if I just put glue on the wire? I'm open to suggestions.


  1. I don't have any suggestions, but I love your kitty! The shape, colors and beaded tail are just adorable!

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    That's REALLY cute! I LOVE it! :)

    Jenn :)

  3. Since the tail is wire can you make a loop on the end that goes inside and then stitch it ? It sure is cute, love those kittys.

  4. Janet,

    Very cute!
    You might need a longer wire and stick it all the way into the bottom of the cat and out the other side... then -maybe make a small loop-bent and super glued in place..or maybe end it off with a bead with the wire twisted and glued to place!

    LOL- I don't know! Just some suggestions!


  5. Rosie4:22 PM

    My suggestion for your cute kitty is similar to Gail's except I would leave enough wire at the attachment end to poke completely through catching about a half an inch of fabric ( if you make a second kitty....make sure that area is reinforced with a good interfacing) and then put on a few beads and twirl it back onto itself to affix. Hope you find a prrrrrfect way to achieve the proper "end" :)


  6. Janet this is wonderful! I do like it - did you draw the shape freehand or is this a pattern?
    The colours are wonderful -as to the tail, gorgeous. I think Gail is spot on with her tail suggestion.

    If you make another one I would stitch the length of wire all the way along the bottom seem to ive the tail and cat stability.


  7. Hi J,
    I think it needs to be looped and sewn also, and you can try the glue, I doubt it would last long! Cute cat.

  8. The kitty is lovely and the beaded tail is really pretty. I'm no sewer but would agree with the looping the wire and sewing it into the seam idea.

  9. OH yes, glue it. How else could it be done? Not sure...the cat is sweet. A great project. I am still wondering how to contribute to your project. It's starting to bug me actually!
    Open to suggestions if any come to you.

  10. Don't really have a clue on attaching it (sewing in place?), but this sure is cute, Janet! Don't know how I missed this - but I'm glad I saw it now!


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