Thursday, August 23, 2007

Something to think about....

Many of you have written to express an interest in getting involved but say you don't knit, crochet, or sew....that doesn't matter. Get creative and think of other things to make. Make an inspiring card or a collage for someone, a journal or small altered book where private thoughts and dreams could be recorded, or a little polymer clay figurine, and just about anyone can make a fleece no-sew blanket for a baby or small child....get creative!

Think about some woman and her children leaving their home, maybe in the middle of the night, with nothing but what they have on....when they reach a women's shelter they will need EVERYTHING. And even though it's good to feed and clothe them, everyone also needs their soul to be fed.

Maybe it's a small piece of jewelry that will make a woman feel better about herself. (Be sure to read Tinker's blog before making any jewelry. She has some invaluable information that might be difficult to read but essential to know.) It might be a blanket for her baby or a small toy for her little son or daughter. Maybe it will be a little healing/comfort/spirit doll she can hold in her hand that will give her the courage she needs to face her life and move forward. We never know what small thing will touch someone's heart and show them that we do care about what happens to them.

Women's shelters are not the only places to think about either. I'm sure nursing homes or other elder care homes would love to receive small gifts, too.

This is a creative blogging community so let's get creative! We can be creative by thinking of that one place that needs __________ and then we can fill the need. Let's see if we can make some big changes in small ways.

If you have a good idea and want to share it here, just email me and I'll post it so others can read about your idea.

I'm just one person but I think if I can help one person then I'm doing something positive....and if we all help one person think how many that would be! So put on your thinking/creative caps and get busy.


Tinker is the first blogger to jump in and make something for Love Reaches Out. Be sure to check out her blog (linked above) and you can also see her fantastic donation here. Thank you, Tinker!!!


  1. Love Tinker's bracelet and the meaning it has. Janet this is such a fabulous idea.I'm sure many good things will go to the needy because of your idea.
    See you CAN change the world.

  2. I am in.
    Thank you for this wonderful project!

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

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  4. Would you like me to mail it to you or donate it in my community? Please let me know


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