Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Follow-up

So far I've had 64 birthdays but I think the one I had yesterday was one of the best! Even though I wasn't feeling all that great I managed to have a wonderful day.

First of all, Gail, my oldest and dearest friend called she had sent me the most fantastic presents....more about that later. Then my son called from Alaska! That was a huge surprise. Later my daughter called and then last evening I had a most wonderful surprise call from none other than Pirk who lives in Canada!!

I had lots of messages, emails, ecards, and such from everyone. Thank you all for making this a really fantastic day.

Gail sent me a package that arrived several days ago but I waited until yesterday to open it. Here's what she sent....

The purple beads in the necklace and earrings are made from paper. The tiny teapot is polymer clay and it's adorable. And I love the cup pincushion. All these items were packaged so perfectly in purple boxes and felt bags. Does she know me, or what? As if that weren't enough she also put something on her blog yesterday that she made for me. Please go have a peek won't be sorry!!

The ever-inspiring Kai sent me a package....and I waited to open it, too! Here's what Kai sent....

The angel is so beautiful in person....this photo doesn't do it justice. And one of Kai's wonderful ATCs that reads "forever for always without end"

Judie had me ROFL when I opened her card (more later) and she also included this wonderful drawing....

She is Janetta Goddess of the Bees!! I LOVE her!!

Here is a collage of some of my cards....

Two of these cards had me almost choking I was laughing so hard! As I mentioned, Judie's is the one in the lower right hand corner. It reads "Your birthday is the perfect time to offer you the traditional Hawaiian wish....may your coconuts never hang lower than your grass skirt." I think that ship has passed!!

The other one that had me laughing was from my cousin, Mary's the one in the upper left hand corner. It reads "Happy Birthday! In Europe they believe a woman becomes more exciting after the age of 35....let's move!!" I'm ready when you are!

I had a beautiful card from's the one with all my favorite lilies. I love all my cards and gifts and appreciate all the phone calls and messages I received. Thank you all for making my 64th birthday so special.


  1. How lovely to have an equinox birthday!
    I'm a day late, but am wishing you a lovely weekend of enjoying all the wonderful things and feelings sent your way for your birthday!

  2. I wrote you a Happy Birthday message on Violettes blog, but not on yours. How silly of me!! Anyway belated Happy Birthday. May you feel well enough to celebrate with panache! May your year be full of love, laughter, creative and fiscal abundance!!!

    Love and hugs Sherrie
    Wish you could have been with all of us glitter girls yesterday!

  3. Beautiful gifts from wonderful loving people!! You deserve such loving cheer! Nice to see good friends exchanging artistic gifts!

    Hugs Sherrie

  4. Aloha Janet..
    What a great birthday, Im glad you smiled and laughed and were surrounded by friends gifts, family calls and a plethera of fun cards!!
    You deserve the best , happy everything!!!
    Peace n hugs, Kai xx

  5. Belated happy Birthday Janet! Sorry I missed it. Glad you were showered with gifts - as you rightly deserve to be.

    You look way younger than your years my dear. Hope the next year brings lots of good things your way.

    Dot xoxo

  6. Happy Birthday Janet - so sorry you were not well yesterday. Nice to see you blessed with lovely gifts. Warm Aussie Hugs, Julie

  7. So glad your day went well and that you got those special calls from M & M and others. As we get older we cherish the things that fill our mind and heart with good memories. BE BLESSED :-)

  8. OH..I am so glad you had such a great day! I am so far bee-hind in birthdays it's not funny...ME and Lisa O were just commiserating on that one! Waaa!

  9. belated happy birthday wow what wonderfull wishes, I can't believe you are 64, you look amazing

  10. Happy belated birthday Janet!! Hope your day was filled with love and joy. Many happy returns. xo

  11. Hi Janet,
    Sorry I missed your special day! Glad it was wonderful for you and hope the coming year is filled with all things good!

  12. Glad you had such a happy birthday - so much wonderful stuff, couldn't happen to a nicer blogger!
    Oh - and I saw Gail's blog present to you, too - woo hoo! Pretty cool. Gorgeous gown - and did she ever find the unicorns to pull that wagon? What a great friend.

  13. Happy Belated B-Day Janet!!! So sorry I just found out! I love your pretty new banner too!
    Hope you enjoyed your day..sounds like you did!
    Hugs to you and as Eeyore says, "MANY HAPPY RETURNS!"


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