Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Day at the Festival

Yesterday was a gorgeous day....temps around 75ยบ, sunny and warm with a cool breeze. It was the perfect day for the festival. This was our first time at this one and I can say with confidence it won't be my last! This was far superior to the Fall Festival that Palmdale has each year! That one has become an importer's showcase!

We arrived at St. Andrew's Abbey Fall Festival, near Pearblossom, at about noon. It was a pleasant drive through some beautiful high desert scenery. Everything about this festival was well organized and enjoyable. They even provided free shuttle buses to take you from the parking area to the festival!!

The grounds were so pretty and I wish I had more, and better, photos for you but I was just so caught up in everything that I usually forgot to take photos! Here are a few overall views of the crafter's area....

It was well laid out with plenty of room to walk and to view booths. And the things we saw seemed to be handmade items. My favorite purchase of the day was from a wonderful woman who makes the most gorgeous clothes and hats. I bought this jacket....(the turquoise tee-shirt is just to show the jacket better)

I wish you could see it in person....and feel it!! The material is as soft as a cloud and drapes so beautifully. I was in heaven looking through her booth. I first tried on a full-length jacket/coat that was to die for but I'm just not tall enough to pull that off. It was beautiful though. And she was a delight. Her name is Dale Tabrizi....Tabrizi Designs....and if you ever see her booth at a festival be sure to take a look. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

HB and I had lunch at an outdoor cafe on the grounds. Very good food, terrific atmosphere with a bubbling fountain nearby and soft music in the background....the perfect setting for a leisurly meal.

After lunch we walked to the Artists' Alley where they were having a raffle for this quilt....

It was difficult to get a good photo because it was pretty much in the shade. The hand work on this was gorgeous.

But my big downfall came as we were leaving! They had a huge used book area. When I asked what the prices were they told me it was all just a donation....whatever you wanted to give! By late afternoon when we were there it was fairly picked over but I managed to find some interesting things to use in art. And if you're reading this, Pam, I got an old book from 1960 with photos of Paris!! I thought of you immediately!!

All in all it was a great day for a great festival and we had a wonderful time. Here is an over-all map of the festival.

This is clickable if you want to see all the map.


And then here's my art for the day....another doodle!


Happy Birthday to my cousin, Mary Anne....and to Gemma!! Hope you both have a fantastic day.