Sunday, September 23, 2007

Drawing again....

My drawing something every day kinda took a back seat to everything else over the past few days but yesterday I managed a quick sketch. HB was sitting with his feet up on the hassock/coffee table and I noticed the bottom of his sneakers.

Here's what I came up with....

The scanner made that dark shadow at the top. The paper was just a little too big to fit on the scanner bed!


You may have noticed I've changed the name and added a banner on my blog!! What do you think??


  1. You are good. This is excellent.
    Janet you are a far better artist than you give yourself credit for.
    It's perfect..!

  2. janet you have such a natural talent.
    I love the new banner, why the lavender loft ?

  3. I love the new name and the banner. Some day you'll have to tell me how to make one.

    I think the shoes are really good. I love that even with a simple line drawing you've gotten the perspective.

  4. janet, Love the new banner! Gosh it took me ages to sort a new one out over on my blog, still a bit grainy but hey! it's there! LOL!


  5. Love your new banner and name. I tried to change mine once and it came out HUGE. So I changed it back for now.
    Like the sneaker drawing.

  6. Aren't you snazzy now! Love the new banner - the flowers are beautiful...and I (of course) like the new name...

  7. Hi, Janet,

    My first thought was that I had clicked on the wrong blog. LOL. My second though was, THIS IS FABULOUS.

    Regarding the shoes, you are a GOOD artist. Don't ever think you are not.



  8. Like it a lot, Janet.

  9. You are so talented! You're a great artist!

    Love the banner - it's beautiful! The one I did for my art blog kinda stinks...I don't have photoshop...I used a diff. program, and wish it were better. Yours is gorgeous!

  10. Your new name suits you very well.

    Makes me want to sit on a bench and enjoy a cup of coffee and just look at the flowers.

    Nice drawing of the sneaker bottoms.

    I have not been drawing at all lately. just knitting socks, arrrgghh

  11. Love the name and the new look of your blog, Janet. That drawing is really good, too!

  12. I know its been awhile since I've stopped by but there for a minute I thought I was lost in blogland.

    Love your new banner and name.

    Your drawings are really nice.


  13. Janet , Your new name and banner look great. I changed my name about a month ago. How did you do the banner ? Haven't figured out how to do one , I can add the photo , but like someone else said , it was to large. How did you get it to the right size ?

    I love all the drawings , you've been posting.Great challenge , I should try to do some art each day.

    ~~~ HAPPY HUGS ~~~

  14. Wow girl, that sketch is really, truly ARE an ARTIST!!
    I love the new name and suits you perfectly, so beautiful to look at! I will change the name on my blog list.

  15. I love your sketch! It's great! :)

    And the new banner/name - perfect! It seems to fit you somehow!!

  16. Aloha Janet, What a groovy view of HB in all his, I love this pic.. :)
    I wanted to thank you for turning me onto the art challenge and reigniting my scribbles again..
    As for the Lavender Loft.. Perfect for you.. :)
    PEace in purple, Kai xx

  17. I must learn ~new balance~ once I recover ..lavender certainly a good start to a feeling of calm>.....
    You peeked my interest so I rushed right over..I LoVe the banner and the NeW LooK! Everyone seems to be making changes as of late??
    Meds are really helping me..and Paisley comforts as well natureboy.


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