Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Drawing (the kind with a pencil) and Another Award!

Oh....Oh....Oh!!!! I've just done it again!

Remember last November when I joined a challenge to do art every day? Well, now I've decided to join this group. Am I crazy?? It begins September 17th and runs through the end of May. Would you like to join, too? This sounds like fun and it might just get me started again. I'm such a sporadic person when it comes to art. I do something for awhile until I get tired of it and then I move on to something else. Do you do the same thing?

This is how bad I've been lately. My oldest and dearest friend, Gail, had a birthday on August 9th....did she receive a gift from me? NO!! I'm still working on it! It was almost completed and then I ruined it (and I do mean I ruined it!!) and had to start over again. This was not a quick project and I thought I could rush it along but that hasn't been the case. So that's how bad it's been for me and my attempts at creating lately. So hopefully all this will come together and get me started and I'll be cranking out art again. And the gift will get finished!!

I've been given another award! Windy Angels just gave me this:

Thank you so much!! My sidebar is getting so filled with awards that I'm almost embarrassed! I'm making this available to everyone on my blog list. I hate to leave anyone out so consider yourself awarded and feel free to take the image.


  1. giggles..Janet,janet,janet...when are you going to have the time for art when Heroes and Lost are firing up in that time frame.. (shakes head..)

    I think I'll join you in the art..Lol..
    Peace, Kai xx

  2. You are very welcome Janet for the award. You are so kind. You happened to stop by before I'd even had a chance to let you know - tsk - how slow am I!
    I like the idea of the drawing challenge. Good for you for signing up. I should too but, I'm not sure. I'd probably forget.
    Thanks again for all your kindness and good luck with being inspired.

  3. Another challenge!! Good luck Janet. At least it will stop you from thinking too much about our Johnny Depp.

  4. Oh Janet....I hate to put the pressure on myself to do art everyday. Like you I go in spurts of creating like wild fire....then lose the momentum....on to something else I go! What is up with that? I guess if there was enough time in a day we could do it all....but we'd have to become totally reclusive!

    I like the idea of drawing daily...but.....hmmmm I'm thinking about it!

    Hugs Sherrie

  5. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Challenges, Challenges.... Good Luck and have fun!
    All blog awards you get Janet, are very much deserved! :) You are so much fun! Your also very talented, I love coming to visit your blog. Seeing what you have to share with us all! Thanks for that!

  6. Enjoy your challenge Janet! I'm sure it will be fun. And on the subject of Awards - you deserve each and every one of them. xx

  7. Janet,This Challenge gave me a big smile.......I'll watch thanks!!! from a safe distance and enjoy your daily art work.

    You deserve the lovely award well and truly Janet that is wonderful.

    Love always visiting you!

  8. Go Janet! Go Janet~ go go, go Janet~!
    {{{Pom poms waving madly!!!}}}
    Rah rah sis boom bah!
    You can do it.
    Congrats on the award sweet lady.
    (Although, I cannot see it, I hope it is a good one!)
    Much love,

  9. You do Rock Janet! Good for you!!hugs

  10. Well done on yet another award! You deserve every award you get as you are a lovely person and lots of us enjoy visiting your blog :)

    What a shame about Gail's present. I am sure you will make her something lovely and it will be worth waiting for.

    Goodness, you are dedicated to join another art group. It does sound like fun!

    I laughed at Diane's comment about Johnny Depp - he is avery luscious isn't he???

    Dot xx

    P.S Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my most recent ATC's on my blog - you say the nicest things!

  11. Oh good luck with your new challenge....I would find it very difficult to come up with a different subject all the time...but, after seeing some of your work, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

  12. I'm sorry the gift got messed up, but I know how much you care and that is what matters, your friendship is the best gift I'll ever have. This art everyday thing sounds like fun but right now my heart is out in the back yard,I will try and take some before and after pictures. Glad your at peace about the moving thing.
    BE BLESSED :-)

  13. Hi Janet!!! Grey is the new blonde. LOL. you are funny. I don't think you are crazy, taking that challenge is a great idea. You create beautiful things, and the more the better! Most of all, you deserve the rewards, you are definitely one of the very kindest bloggers I know and I love when you visit. You always brighten my day. xoxox Lia

  14. I don't draw, but I have enough supplies to make a card or a bookmark every doing it is another matter!!

    Stepped over to see your friend Gail and she has an awesome post up that I'm going to clip for the post of the day in my side bar!

    Congrats on the award...You do ROCK!!

  15. I am bad about remembering birthdays lately...(ack!) I think my brain is going to Yikes.

    Your new group sounds fun...good luck. I had to stop joining things...I get overwhelmed quickly and feel "pressured" to produce...not sure why. So I just lurk, hide, and do what I can when I (Wimpy huh?)

    Wow you're popular!! Congrats on all your awards!

  16. Oh, I'm so not a Rockin Girl! Thanks anyway, but I'll let this one pass thank you. You are such a nut, Janet, but why not do what you want when you want!

    BTW, Bones is my fav and it starts it new season next week! Forensic Anthropology and bugs and science stuff. Love it!

  17. I am going to challenge myself to draw. I hope I can do it.

  18. Congratulations Janet! I cut & pasted my awards into one picture...take a look at my blog & see. I can send you a copy if you want!


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