Friday, September 21, 2007

International Day of Peace....

Today is the International Day of Peace!! You can read about it here.

Sixty four years ago today I was born and the world was not at peace. Now all these years later we still aren't at peace! When are we going to learn?

I think it's rather cool that my birthday is such a significant day and such a worthwhile one at that. It helps me focus on what is important, and at the top of my list would be PEACE!! I hope I live to see it in my lifetime....but it doesn't look good.


I wrote the upper part of this several days ago thinking I could finish it last night. I had big plans for putting music on my blog...."When I'm Sixty Four" (!!) and all kinds of other things but life got in the way!

Yesterday evening I wasn't feeling good and spent the whole time in bed! Nothing serious....just my tummy acting up but this morning I feel as if I've been in a fight and the other guy won! So please forgive me for leaving this in such a half-finished way.

I plan to be quiet today and eat soothing food and take care of me so I can celebrate many more birthdays.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I hope you get to feeling better - staying quiet, taking care of yourself are important!!

    My birthday is Tuesday - a fellow Libra! :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday dear wonderful Janet! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well...please take care! Even a quiet day deserves pampering and celebrating the fact you were born!! How lucky we are that you were!

  3. Oh, I am so sorry you aren't feeling well on your birthday! I remember I had an upset tummy one Christmas and it was no fun. Hope you get better soon and are able to celebrate your big day!


  4. Sheila11:08 AM

    Happy Happy Birthday Dear Janet..!
    Sorry to hear about the tummy bug. Hope it will be better in time for cake...!
    Have a wonderful day, I am thinking of you...

  5. Do feel better! I hope you get to celebrate peace someday. Do you really think we will. . ?

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you are feeling better and getting the rest you need.

  7. Happy Birthday to You!!! How rotten feeling bad on your special day - and it is special isn't it - wouldn't it be wonderful if we had peace? Imagine putting the news on and, well, there wouldn't be much news! Yay! Anyway, take care of yourself and have a wonderful, peaceful birthday. xx

    Just reading your previous post Janet - when you said you had a lot of books I didn't realise you had a LOT of books!! Wow.

  8. Happy Birthday, Janet - hope you're able to enjoy lots of R&R today - take good care of you. I always think birthdays are good for at least a month, so you have plenty of time to celebrate, once you're feeling a little more celebratory. ((hugs))

  9. Must have been a good day - several blog friends are having birthdays today.

    May you have a ton of more happy birthdays. And, you did it - now I'm running around singing the Beetles - "When I'm 64"

  10. Happy Birthday Janet.

    I HOPE you got to feeling well enough to enjoy your special day!

    ( :) I had my 66th. B'day May 5th. so yerjust a kid! heehee! )


  11. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Janet, and many more.

    I am so happy you didn't hear me sing that. heheh.

    I hope you Day is as special as you are!

  12. WOW...64 mmmmmmm that makes a perfect 10 or maybe # 1 which in my book you are both. Remember years ago when we studied numerolgy
    Glad you liked the dress I designed
    I was dissapointed that the colors did not come through to well.Trust you are feeling better by now.

  13. Happy birthday Janet! Hope your feeling better in time to enjoy some birthday cake.

  14. Happy Birthday sweetie pie Janet! Have the best one ever, and do take care of you. Self care is the best present of them all.
    Happy International Peace Day too!

  15. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry that you don't feel well... I hope that it will pass soon. Peace.... such a lovely vision. A good day for a birthday! :-)

  16. SORRY I missed YOUR birthday SWEET girly!!! HAPPY YEAR!!! darling Janet!!! HAPPY week-end!too! xoxoxxo, Cinda


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