Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Getting a Little Blurry....

While I was browsing through blogland a couple of days ago, I came across a link to some amazing paintings. I apologize for not remembering where I saw this but at the time I was a bit fuzzy-headed! You see I had to get up at 3:30 AM yesterday....long story, don't ask!! So I was browsing the blogs because once I'm awake I can't go back to bed. These paintings are just gorgeous so please go here and have a look.

And I also forgot to post my drawing for yesterday so here it is:

Gypsy fortune tellers, even the weird mechanical ones at fairs, have always fascinated me. I love the romantic idea of gypsies. They always seem so mystical and exotic. And I picture them gazing into a crystal ball saying "It's getting a little blurry" while holding out their hand for more cash! My fortune teller is a novice so she has those swirly antenna to help her tap into the Universe!! Hey, I had to have swirls someplace!!

I'll tell you more about the book idea as I figure out all the details.


  1. Your fortune teller looks much nicer than the ones I have met.

    Love the eyes on her.

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Ohhh I love that! Gypsy's have always interested me in many ways! Great work and post!

  3. Love your drawing. It reminded me of one of my grandma dressed as a fortune teller for Halloween. It was taken in the 40's and I just love it!

  4. I really liked the art...very pretty...I would love to see the concept in a quilt too!

    Your fortune teller is the it!!

  5. I love all your ladies with their lovely gowns - they would make great birthday cards. Like the book idea too.
    True Romany gypsy women are fascinating people with a great deal of knowledge especially about herbs.

  6. I love this!!!

    thanks for turning us on to the paintings too. Oil on aluminium is groovy!!

    I'll be following along with you.. :) And i finally got one of mine
    peace and love, Kai xx

  7. She reminds me of the song "Gypsy Woman". I like the swirls.
    Those mechanical fortune tellers I used to see on the boardwalk scared me when I was a kid. Your novice looks much friendlier.

  8. I love your drawings and you know I have a thing for gypsies and fortune tellers. (oh and swirls) so it appeals to me on all levels!

    I MUST start doing least draw something every day. My muse has been asleep!

  9. Super gypsy girl Janet. I love her!

  10. Out comes the Sun is my favorite. Great work.

  11. Beautiful drawing. I love the eyes.
    And thanks for the great idea of the books. The image is lovely. I hope to remember to check back for the postings.
    Have a great weekend.
    Angels be with you,

  12. Oh my gosh Janet, that girl's oil on aluminum paintings are wonderful and her concept of predator and prey is interesting. And your gypsy lady is kewl!

  13. Anonymous11:21 AM

    love those paintings, thanks for the link! The book idea sounds great.suzi-k

  14. This made me think of the time we went to the lady that read many years ago. Thanks for all the neat sites,(I think), as now I am about two hours behind, tee hee.....loved looking at all the great art and fun sites.


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