Monday, September 03, 2007

Kay's My Name....Meme's My Game

It's another meme!! But this one will be very short (so I added some pictures!) I was tagged by Kara to do this one.

You're supposed to list something about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Easy peasy for middle name is Kay....only three letters!!

K - Kind....that's what I try to be. And I believe in Karma.

A - I really don't like anything that's asinine!!

Y - Yin and yang....I can usually see both sides of anything.

Maybe that's all the Libra I have in my astrology chart!

And I also love yogurt!! It has nothing to do with yin and yang but I like it and it starts with "y".

That's it! Only three letters. Now what's your middle name?? If you want to do this meme go right ahead but be sure to let me know so I can come read your answers.


What a nice surprise I had from Denise who sent me these two awards for my blog (she sent them out to several people)....

The first one is the creative blogger award:

And the second one is:

Thanks Denise!! I appreciate these two awards and I love that you send them out to everyone. That way no one feels left out.


In case you read my power company post, I survived! The power was only out from about noon until 4 PM but that was long enough!! The kitties did just fine, too. We're happy to have the a/c back though.


  1. Hey Gal,

    I enjoyed your meme! Maybe I'll get around to that one some day!

    Congratulations on the awards, it is always nice to know you are appreciated isn't it?

    Happy Labor Day to you and yours!

  2. Funny, funny! This is one I'm definitely not doing. Congrats on the awards. Hope the power company has finished making life . . . uhmmmmmm, odd, let's say.

  3. Nice awards. You deserve them cause you're a sweetie! xoxoxo

  4. I Loved the Meme. And I Loved yogurt too. I must have a container of it a day. I will try to do the meme soon, mine will be long as my middle name is Elizabeth. Thats where the Beth comes from. Now I have to go read about your power outage, ugh, poor you.

  5. thanks janet for doing my name game, wow I loved your answers very spiritual.
    congrats on the awards you deserve them

  6. What a fun meme - I too love yoghurt!


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