Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Little Bit of Art (?)

After spending a lot of time just sitting and looking at it I finally began scribbling/painting in my journal. Here's my latest pages. Can you tell I'm getting frustrated?? But I'm NOT giving up!

Maybe I should just stick to drawing!! Here's one for today.

I may color it in later but for now it's just an ink drawing.


  1. I think both the journal and your sketch look great.

    You wouldn't believe the mess I make in my journals, but sometimes life is messy. Well, a lot of times my life is messy...but that's what's wonderful about journals - they're for you, and whatever you're feeling right then. Guess I must feel messy a lot...hmm, guess that says a lot about me then, huh...
    OK, I'll stop babbling now...

  2. I think you are doing great. Don't be frustrated. Just keep creating with no expectation in mind. Wonderful pages that express who you are will start emerging.


  3. First let me say that the only judge you have about anything you YOU! There won't be grades or judges or journal police....this is a very personal endeavor therefore even if you wrote a single word in the middle of the page....that means something to YOU. That is journaling. A ripped up bunch of paper and layers and layers and your AMAZING drawings can be glued right on top of all of it! You don't have to draw right ON the page...make lovely backgrounds. I'm telling you Janet, you are SO talented....let if flow!!
    Oh and you looked divine last night and thank you so for the dance and the twirl! What a blast!
    I say all of this with love in my heart.

  4. No! You will not give up. There is nothing in the world wrong with your journal pages. You will become more and more comfortable with it each time you make an entry. You just need to stop having any expectations at all. Now expectations....just fun and experimentation. I promise. It works. Love your blog!

  5. wow you seem to really get journalling, mine look and show I have no idea

  6. Don't feel frustrated with your journal. It documents your growth, and as time goes by you will see the changes as you approach it in different ways. Eventually you find a style that you are comfortable with.
    It is still colourful and creative, and records your feelings, even if it is not going as you want, with time it will ..

  7. I'm impressed that you keep on trying with the art journal!! I have tried, and given up, many times. I haven't ever stuck with a journal!

    I love your drawings! I am also impressed that you are doing something daily! I haven't created anything new in quite a long time. No inspiration or motivation recently!! Seeing your art helps though!!

  8. We could be frustrated together.
    You have such a nice way of expressing yourself, even your journal pages show how creative you truly are.

  9. I like this Janet -- theone of the bird on the leaves. I think you should color it with all those colors with which you do so well-- the greens, lilacs turquoises etc.

  10. I think your pages are great!! We're always so much harder on ourselves (ask me, I know!!!).....


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