Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Question for Everyone....

Many of you know that I used to have an online bookstore. I still have quite a lot of books in my garage and while sorting through some of them today (I was looking for children's books to donate to our women's shelter) I had an idea. I don't want to sell online again but I also don't want to just toss these in the dumpster. Is there any interest in my putting a few books on my blog from time to time and if you want them I'll just ask for the mailing costs plus one dollar for hardcovers and 50 cents for softcovers. That would help with the cost of packaging, and the books would find a new home.

Many of these books are not mainstream and I have lots of subject matter to choose from but I have nothing inventoried anymore so please don't ask me about specific books! I have everything from cookbooks to poetry and much in between. Fiction and non-fiction....and I will tell you if the book has any defects such as underlining or highlighting. Most of the books are in good to very good condition. The photo above is not what my books look like!

I hate to see perfectly good books go to waste if someone can use them. I could set this up as part of my sidebar. I look forward to your comments. Be honest. This is just a spur-of-the-moment idea.

And remember that books can also be used to alter or they can be used for their pictures or illustrations.