Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning....

HB and I have a Sunday morning ritual of having waffles on the patio. These are not the frozen kind either! I make waffles (with the help of a mix) in my George Forman grill....the one HB gave me last Christmas. It has removeable plates that allow me to grill or make waffles or bake. I love it!!

Image from the internet.

Anyway, as we sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather we were serenaded by hundreds of birds. The next door neighbors have a huge cottonwood tree in the back corner of their yard and it backs up to our corner so we have the benefit of lots of shade....and the birds. They were singing and chattering and HB and I decided they were discussing their travel plans.

HB and I went from discussing the birds to discussing ant farms to dorm room decor (?) and then to buying a car. You can't say we're stuck on one subject! We enjoy our quiet Sunday mornings together. And HB has been car shopping. My little Honda is getting old and decrepit and needs to retire. She has over 170,000 miles on her! I like to get my money's worth!

Now here's my drawing I did yesterday. It isn't much but at least I did some drawing. I think that's the point of this whole thing.


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Waffles, good conversation, and birds singing what a great morning. Love your drawings.

  2. What a wonderful Sunday morning you had and those waffles look so yummy! I want one of those GF grills. I need a new car too, but just don't want the car payment,lol. I think I can make mine last a little longer. Its been a rainy week-end here and we sure did need it. Miss You!!!

  3. Hi Janet,
    Those waffles look just yummy. Leisurely Sunday breakfasts are the best, aren't they.
    Love the pastel colors of your drawing..

  4. If I didn't have my dinner and the piece of cake tonight at my son's home, I would drool over your waffles.
    I, too, have a grill that makes sandwiches and waffles, but we don't use it. It was bought for dust collecting.

    I have not started my drawing yet.
    I have the sketch book and pencils ready.

  5. Janet, I came over from Suzy's blog and had to comment because my "real" name is "Janet," too. Not many of those around anymore. Waffles are wonderful--I envy you your cool morning on the porch! (It's still too hot in south TX)

  6. Sounds so comforting.
    Great drawing. Good for you for this terrific start. I'll look forward to seeing how you make out with it.
    I might try doing it too though probably won't officially sign up. I'm supposed to be doing more art, less computer stuff (as if!)

  7. Sounds like a lovely sublime morning with the one you love :-) Very wonderful indeed! Yummy waffles just make it better!

    We planted some trees this weekend in hopes of inviting some little furry and feathered friends to our new/blank yard...

  8. I've been absent so I am trying to catch up with everyone bit by bit.
    Your Sunday ritual sounds so relaxing and I love sitting discussing every thing like that. We have the GF grill, it's G's actually and he LOVES it, just loves it. Waffles have not yet been attempted yet I don't know why.
    Anyway,I am glad to know you are doing some kind of art every day. I always love seeing your drawings.
    Are you and HB feeling a bit more relaxed now since taking the house off the market for now?
    I've missed you, I think we should have a chat soon!!
    Sending you love and a wish for a great start to your week.

  9. that looks yummy-I'll be right over!I always love your drawings-they are so sweet and un-fussy. Just delightful images. I put a little Monday morning treat for the eyes on my blog for you.

  10. A cornucopia - just right for autumn:) I love the lady that you have drawn and coloured in your last post - so delicate and pretty, I think I've said before that these strike me as being very Art Deco.

  11. So glad your weather is improving! Your drawing in the previous post is exquisite! I love the suble lavender and olvie green!They remind me of fashion illustration by Erte.
    You are making me want your George Foreman grill!!!!
    I have one, but not one with changeable grilling "plates"!!!
    I'll be there for waffles some Sunday morning!
    Several of my family members are loving their hybrid cars...have fun hunting for a new one!

  12. Just starting to get caught up with everyone, and I love the drawings you're doing, Janet.
    K. and I take a lot of detours in our conversations, too - but those are the best kind, I think. We try to get our money's worth out of our cars, too, and drive them as long as possible.
    Those waffles sure look delicious - they're making me hungry just looking at them!

  13. I've been hungry for
    :) Im living my diet thru you :)
    I have been scribbling, just not posting them yet.. I will probably do mine starting monday..
    PEace and yummie food to you, Kai xx

  14. What a blissful sounding breakfast, good companuy the outdoors, and waffles!!! Not common over here and served for desert ussually.


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