Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Truly Wonderful Day....

Well, I had quite a day yesterday! My feet are killing me from all that dancing and I admit to having a bit too much champagne, too!! But I had a wonderful time at the ball and loved seeing everyone's dresses. I had so many new visitors and I'll take this opportunity to say thanks because I know I won't get around today to thank each and every one of you individually! This was all due to the Bloglandia Ball. A big Thank You goes out to eb for hosting the best party ever!

Then I had the best, most wonderful thing happen to me. I'm not going to tell you what it was! You'll have to go visit Kai's blog and see for yourself! Go ahead. I'll wait.

Ok, have you been? Wasn't that the most incredible thing to have happen to me? I was just stunned! Kai is the sweetest, most inspiring person ever and I think she did a fantastic job of capturing me in her drawing. And it was her 500th post, too!! I think "K" is for kindness and that means Kai!

I'll be back later with some drawings.


  1. Wonderful drawing she did of you.

  2. Wow your new blog banner. It was great dancing all night wasn't it? You looked absolutely radiant in your gown. Yes I saw her drawing & read Kai's sweet tribute to you..which you deserve. BTW so very sorry I missed your birthday....but watch your can still celebrate it a little longer.

  3. So glad you came by this morning.
    I have a few things left to do on the dress. Now I can hardly wait to see what others did. I will probably wish I had done something they did.
    You have had a wonderful Birthday week...Happy everyday Janet. You are a treasure here in blogland.
    Love ya, Mary

  4. Thank you for coming by....I still have some things to do to the dress.
    You have had a wonderful Birthday week on blogland...Happy Everyday Janet.
    I love everything you do...I love the new ladies you shared.
    I am off to get stuff for my youth craft night...spider Pops....Love Ya, Mary

  5. ..I had the perfect subject, so it was easy :)
    PEace and friendship! Kai xx

  6. Kai is a great gal, isn't she? That was lovely!!

  7. That is wonderful Janet!!!!! Super nice of Kai....I'm glad you had a good time at the ball...I missed it...maybe the next one????? It's warm again here....but alittle cooler tomorrow...:-)

  8. I agree, you are definitely post-worthy. Sorry to have missed the special day but I'm sure the season is going strong.

  9. Janet,

    She is so right about you!

    I'm glad that you had a great time at the ball. Hope your head isn't too fuzzy from that champagne! My head was fuzzy all day yesterday because of the full moon. I can never concentrate on that day.


  10. You are a great friend and you have great friends.

  11. wow, a few days away and look at all the exciting new stuff! Happy Birthday and LOVE the new look! And Kai's pic of you and tribute to you are great, you must be delighted! Well deserved.

  12. That was truly a sweet thing to do by Kai.
    What she said about you is all true, and I am also fortunate to call you my friend.

  13. Great sketch she did and I love your smile :)

  14. Janet,

    :) That was very nice! I know it meant a lot!


  15. What a fun time - you dance divinely, dear Janet!
    Just saw Kai's portrait and post - they are both wonderful - just like you :)

  16. And Janet never a more true comment could have been made about you lovely lady.

    ((hugs)) too for a birthday missed from me dear friend

  17. this is so heartwarming and you deserve it!! what a gorgeous pic of you too!!! I'm so excited about you being busy with your art journal too Janet. Keep pushing through. YOu are so talented, just relax! you must share your beautiful colors with the world just as you share your wonderful heart and words! xoxoxo Lia

  18. It was such a wonderful post! I agree with what she has written - you are a "jewel".


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