Friday, October 19, 2007

A Couple More Pages....

Here are some more pages I did yesterday....most likely by the time you read this I'll be either at the dentist or back from there and not feeling too happy!!

These are both clickable to see them larger.

I'm not thrilled with either one of these but I show you the good and the bad!! And I'm going to quit commenting on the colors. From now on just assume that all colors shown here are actually much different in person! It may be time for a new scanner and a new camera!!

I think it's also safe to assume these are both WIP! It's probably also safe to assume that I might not be posting much over the week end. If I feel up to it I'll stop by for some visits....I know I'm waaaaay behind!


  1. Girl!!!! at least you are creating something! Ha ..I am still feeling under the weather myself and can't seem to art anything!!!

  2. ooooh, hope it went ok, and that you will be able to rest and recover this weekend, and bounce back soon, all bright eyed and bushy tailed and with a dazzling smile! :)

  3. I am really enjoying these journal pages, they are lovely.

  4. I love the mauve on sage colours of this..and your art is beautiful Janet..
    thank you for sharing!!
    Peace, Kai xx

  5. I hope you are feeling better. I also had my older son at the dentist at 8am this morning. Hugs to the both of you.

    I am not a big fan of violet, purple, and mauve but I do like the new journal pages.

  6. Hi Janet,
    I'm getting used to my new teeth, but it is always something as the body gives up a pieces of itself, isn't it! I'm sorry you are having pain. Feel better soon.

  7. Hey! Love them. Colours shmolours. We love your work!

  8. Great starts for journal pages.
    And I never took the opportunity to say how much I love the new look to your blog.

  9. I think your journal pages are great and I am so glad you are sharing them. I have a thing about eyes and hands so these really appeal to me.
    I hope your dental visit didn't result in too much pain! Take care this weekend!

  10. Hey hope you feel better soon. I love your journal pages.......Its hard to make them, but your doing a good job.

  11. Your journal pages are so you, filled with the colours that make you happy. Scanning is not always the best way to reproduce them, and photographing them doesn't always work either. They look good to me.
    Hope the dentist visit went okay, and you are feeling well.

  12. HOPE your visit to the dentist went A-OK!!! I've never done a journal but always thought I might like to. hmmmm, maybe in the winter! I LOVE your pages Janet! Happy Week-end!

  13. I think of journalling as a place to put my feelings in pictures and words - and sometimes those thoughts and feelings of mine aren't always very photogenic or pretty - some of mine are downright ugly, I think, lol.

    Yours are all so lovely, though. I think maybe that says something wonderful about you inside.

    Hope you're feeling better by now, Janet. ((hugs))

  14. Hey Ms. Janet,,long time, no see, but I just wanted to tell you hi and I see how creative you have been. I have been busy as a bee.
    I do miss you alot!!! Stop by and see my newest adventure!

  15. Hello, I am back on son still has some things to do...but for now, I am here. I love your journal always have some thing new and fun.
    Get well, I am thinking of you.

  16. Hope the second visit to the dentist was OK - was it scheduled or a set back from the last visit? Hope all is well now anyway and that you are feeling much better.

  17. love your journal pages and I am sure I'll visit your blog again ! Greetings Barbara


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