Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is My Face Red....

To say I'm embarrassed is putting it mildly! Last month (!!) the wonderful Vallen had a giveaway and I was a winner! I received one of her fantastic bracelets and have worn it several times already....when I realized I hadn't said a thing about it here on my blog! I've been so distracted lately that I just forgot. Here is my photo of the bracelet....

but you should go to her blog to see a better photo of it. Thank you so much Vallen! I love it....and so does everyone who sees it!


Seems I'm just not keeping up with things lately! I did manage to do a couple of journal pages yesterday. The scans don't pick up the colors the way they look in person and there's also a lot of metallic ink that doesn't show up but here is the first one....

and here's the other one....

Both these photos are clickable if you want to see them larger.


  1. WOW!! Love these journal pages, the colors are great and everything seems to flow together so well...I will be away for about a week, going to the Keys for M. 7th birthday, see you when I get back. BE BLESSED:-)

  2. Gorgeous pages!! Love em!

    That bracelet is so cute! What a nice friend you have! I'm sure she understands..we all get so busy...especially this time of year...the frenzy towards the holidays is building...I can hear that "low hum" starting...LOL

  3. I love the bracelet too girl! Is is possible that the real winner is me, and she sent it to you by mistake??????

    Lovely journal pages.

  4. Janet,
    Your journal pages are awesome. You are doing so great. Love the bracelet too.


  5. Very pretty bracekets.

    Your journal pages are outstanding. Over the winter I want to learn more about doing journal pages and try some for myself.

  6. I looked at the enlarged versions of your journal pages. They are very nice, texture and color and line! They remeind me of the artisti you did the "collage " pear tray I posted. Now to get busy and make some doll clothes for my granddaughter! OH, the braceklet is charming...I really like the little bird on it!

  7. Vallen's button bracelets are so wonderful, I had forgotten you won that one! I'd love to see a pic of it on your wrist!
    Love the journal pages my dear!
    I am always happy when I see a new post here, hope you're feeling better!

  8. So pretty!!! Love these pages...of color and mixed media...very soothing too.

  9. purple suits you so much Janet.. love the pages when i clicked them bigger..
    The bracelet is adorable!!
    peace and love,Kai xx

  10. Very pretty!!! EVERYTHING!!!

  11. Beautiful and unique bracelet!
    Congratulations on your awards. I've never seen the Mrs. Nesbitt award.

  12. Your journal pages look gorgeous, even if the scanner isn't picking up all the colors - they look fabulous to me. What a cute bracelet - lucky you!~xo

  13. Your journal pages are lovely, and thge colours are so pretty.
    The bracelet is so unique, Vallen is very clever..!
    It's hard to keep up with everyone and everything isn't it.
    BUT, so worth it..!

  14. I know you liked you thanked mesweetly, no worries about not posting. It's hard to get every thing in that we want to do. Believe I know. Your pages are terrific. That is something I'd like to have more time for. Where's my list?

  15. Janet, did you ever finish that beaded doll? I must have missed it, will have to scroll.

  16. I like your journal pages Janet. They are beautiful. And purple! They go with your blog.
    OH yeah, it's your favourite colour!
    Vallen's bracelet is so nice. I think I'll go check out her site.

  17. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Congradulations on winning the giveaway! Wonderful journal pages. :) Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

  18. I love those journal pages, the colours are very soothing,I love to make journals, you have inspired me to start mine again!

  19. Oh, you blessed lady! Awards and the beautiful bracelet and the wonderful pages. You are just over run with riches! Congrats and happiness!

  20. Lucky you to get one of Val's pieces! It's gorgeous. I love all your journal pages. I know how hard it is to keep up. I think I'm the master of catch up!

  21. Came back again to look at your collages...love the colors!

  22. I love your art work~~I cannot remember if I have been here to your~lavender loft~...anything lavender I love!!
    I know how it is to be behind in posting thank yous...with my illness I am s-o-o-o-o- behind!! We're human..congrats on your awards and that braclet is charming! hgs NG

  23. Wow Janet. I'm loving the journal pages. Isn't that a pain when the scanner does whatever it seems to please. Yipes!
    I'm wondering if you've done any carving. Those swirlies would all be so cool as stamps. I suspect you are one of these people with such a steady hand that you don't need stamps! I'm not so lucky.
    Great looking bracelet.
    Angels be with you,


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