Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Me and My Navel....

My navel and I have had a relaxing few days. It's been so freeing to not think about my blog or what I'm going to write about or what I have (or don't have) to show you. I've dabbled in the studio, I've been out and about but mostly I've just enjoyed being here....and reading.

It seemed the perfect time to read this book....

I'm more than halfway through it and can't seem to put it down. I've neglected just about everything and everyone in order to sit and devour this book! I want to rush through it and finish it but I'm making myself go slowly and taste every morsel, feel every sensation, and enjoy every moment of it. I'm rather late to this party but if you haven't already read this book I highly recommend it.

Many times I don't read books that have a lot of hype or chatter about them....if too many people like the book then chances are that I won't!! Not a great thing to admit but true nonetheless! This is an exception. I'm loving this book!!


Here's one of my drawings....

I had to take a photo of this one because it wouldn't fit on the scanner bed. I think it's about 11' X 14' and I drew this from a magazine picture. Why do I always work on such big things?? Didn't I ever hear of scissors! For some reason I do bigger art than many other people and I think that's why I get intimidated at times. It's difficult to look at that huge expanse of paper and think "how am I ever going to fill that up?" Kai and I were talking about this recently. I never seem to stop and think that I can cut it down to whatever size I want! Even the journals I chose to work in are the standard paper size 8.5' X 11'....maybe that's why I can't seem to get into them....although I did do a little work in mine over the past few days. Nothing "finished" yet but at least I'm working in it.


Now for some other news....I'm going to be missing from blogland again for a couple of days beginning on Thursday. I'm having some work done!! Just kidding! I'm having a couple of teeth pulled and there's some other stuff involved so I may be out of commission for a couple of days. Please send me good thoughts around noon on Thursday....I'll need them.


  1. Janet,
    I have been wanting to read that book too, glad to hear its good. That is a beautiful drawing.

    You must find it hard to do ATC's, I find the size so limiting. One of these days I will do a piece that is big and then reduce it down to size. Have you ever done that?


  2. Great drawing Janet!!! I like to work big too. I used to paint stage scenery, and those canvases were 24 FEET high and even wider. High ladder work, but I loved it. Now, I'm confined to small stuff on a table. Oh sigh........ Take care, we will miss you. xoxoxo

  3. Janet Love....I just finished this book...I LOVE it! Did you see the Oprah show about this book last week???? :-) I want to do everything she did...especially eat my way thru Italy...(and not gain a pound)...unlike her! :-)
    Enjoy some relaxing time Sweetie...

  4. First-I'll think of you on Thursday while I'm also at the Dr. getting yelled at for all the things I haven't done-ugh!
    I so loved that book that I just disolved into it and didn't come up for air until it was finished-LOVED IT!
    Your drawing is lovely. Well done girl! I know what you mean about the size thing. I just dive in headlong without giving a thought to what happens when I need to frame something. I'm a total scatterbrain about that stuff. I'm also finding it very hard to work in certain sizes-like the journal and 12x12. It takes me forever to find a composition that fits into that size because my ideas always overflow the area-too much stuff.

  5. Everyones in love with this book. Im saving it for my christmas reading month..

    I adore the picture you've done, lovely shadow and depth.. :)

    Peace and hugs, KAi xx

  6. Oh love your drawing!! Oh and I adore that youa re reading the book!!! I was reading it, then I saw Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah, and now I can't get tottally back into it.. Must try..... It is gooood! xxo

  7. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Ohhh my gosh Janet! That drawing is OUTSTANDING! You really should do more! I'd love to see them!
    Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

  8. The book is going on my list. Looks great. Hope the dentist isn't too horrible.

  9. Wonderful drawing! I will be thinking of you Thursday and hoping everything comes out just fine :)

  10. The drawing's lovely!
    I hate to admit this, but I bought that book, and lost it (well, misplaced it is a more accurate term). Some day I'll find it again, mixed in with all the other books...
    Sending you loads of good thoughts, Janet - and ((hugs)) in case you need them!

  11. oooh dentist eeeek. Good calm pain free thoughts coming at ya! Hope it goes well. I love the thought behind "blogging without Obligation" because it is easy to forget that it is just your space to express when you have something to express, and instead get sucked into feeling pressurised to perform for one's readers. We all have enough stress already without self imposed expectations to "produce the goods" on our blogs! So it is good that you have been able to take some "you" time. I have found that since I have been posting less regularly, my readership has dropped, and I have had to really do some soul searching about why I was blogging in the first place.... and realised it was never about a large readership, just an opportunity for self expression. The friends I have made in blogland are a total BONUS. Look after yourself, hugs!

  12. Thinking about you today, and hope all goes well and as painlessly as possible with the dentist.

  13. Don't you just love it when you find a book that keeps you hungry for the next page? I'll have to add this to my Good Reads list. Take care with the dental recovery.

  14. Janet this sketch is just amazing. You are a phenomenal artist. Just wonderful. I already see you got through the extractions. Hope you are feeling better soon, and don;t get any dried sockets.

    I too got the book last week. Like you I never get hooked on the hoopla book club band wagon.I only got this one because it was personally speaking to me. Everywhere I went it was popping out at me. Then I said to myself, if I see or hear one more thing about this book it will be a sign and I'll get it. I have a feeling it will be one of those books I keep forever! I'm catching up on blogs....take care!

    Love and hugs Sherrie

  15. Well, my comments must have not gone through the other day! I forget what I said now but I do remember I said I LOVED that drawing and GET WELL!(((Janet)))


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