Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Me and My Navel....

My navel and I have had a relaxing few days. It's been so freeing to not think about my blog or what I'm going to write about or what I have (or don't have) to show you. I've dabbled in the studio, I've been out and about but mostly I've just enjoyed being here....and reading.

It seemed the perfect time to read this book....

I'm more than halfway through it and can't seem to put it down. I've neglected just about everything and everyone in order to sit and devour this book! I want to rush through it and finish it but I'm making myself go slowly and taste every morsel, feel every sensation, and enjoy every moment of it. I'm rather late to this party but if you haven't already read this book I highly recommend it.

Many times I don't read books that have a lot of hype or chatter about them....if too many people like the book then chances are that I won't!! Not a great thing to admit but true nonetheless! This is an exception. I'm loving this book!!


Here's one of my drawings....

I had to take a photo of this one because it wouldn't fit on the scanner bed. I think it's about 11' X 14' and I drew this from a magazine picture. Why do I always work on such big things?? Didn't I ever hear of scissors! For some reason I do bigger art than many other people and I think that's why I get intimidated at times. It's difficult to look at that huge expanse of paper and think "how am I ever going to fill that up?" Kai and I were talking about this recently. I never seem to stop and think that I can cut it down to whatever size I want! Even the journals I chose to work in are the standard paper size 8.5' X 11'....maybe that's why I can't seem to get into them....although I did do a little work in mine over the past few days. Nothing "finished" yet but at least I'm working in it.


Now for some other news....I'm going to be missing from blogland again for a couple of days beginning on Thursday. I'm having some work done!! Just kidding! I'm having a couple of teeth pulled and there's some other stuff involved so I may be out of commission for a couple of days. Please send me good thoughts around noon on Thursday....I'll need them.