Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nothing Much to Show....

I'm still working on the studio but I've made good progress. I'm also working on three drawings but I can't show them right now because they're going to be gifts! I can show you one that I sent out recently because it's already been received....

I have done a little work in my art journal but nothing that I can share! Sometimes a gal just has to have a few secrets!!


  1. I love your mermaid, the colours and the whole concept. I to am working on my studio trying to get it organized so it is useful to me.

  2. Very nice, Janet.

    I admire that you keep doing things and are focused!

    I am not- at all- these days. My days are all unplanned and take me in all directions, it seems!


  3. She's fab!! Love how she's caught a fish, or is that her best friend?

  4. Secret! I can't stand it. :) Can't wait to see your studio.

  5. Lovely mermaid, Janet - I love her bathing cap! I always thought swimming caps looked so neat - but still I'm glad I don't have to wear one anymore - not very comfy.
    Can't wait to see your other secret projects revealed :)

  6. Helloo! Secrets are good! Uh..my studio is always in the throes of reorganization...Will it ever BE organized! ???? hah! I got my mermaid from Joyce Anne today! Wow..it was awesome!!!

  7. This is lovely, Janet. I think I can guess who it went to! Very nice.

  8. She's awesome.
    Nice work.
    I agree, we need to keep some things to ourselves.

  9. I love the new look of your blog Janet! And am loving your new art too. You are a talented illustrator my friend.

  10. Beautiful mermaid Janet. The Mermaid swap was fun.

  11. I LOVE< LOVE my mermaid!!!!

    She rocks the planet, well she shares my bathroom with her sisters..lol.

    thank you so much Janet!!!
    PEace, Kai xxxxxxxx

  12. Just coming by to say "Hi"! wonderful mermaid! I still hope to make a mermaid doll one day. My grandson is "due" in about a month now, so it's making baby quilts and recieving blanket time...

  13. Have you changed the name of your blog, girl? Well, you can tell I've been in a shell lately. Scrolled thru your drawings. LOVE them. Have you colored in the bird penwork yet? xoxoxo


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