Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Big Reveal....

I had a fantastic Turkey Day!! I didn't eat too much and I had a great time with my family. I promised you lots of photos and I'll have them soon but not today. You see, I got so involved with everyone and everything that I completely forgot to take even one single photo!! Lucky for me, others took lots of photos and have promised to send some to me. So when I get them I'll tell you about my Thanksgiving.

Today I have lots of photos of something else. HB and I have been talking about getting granite counter tops and we finally decided to do it....right before Thanksgiving when we were having about 10 guests for dinner!! Can you say CRAZY?!!

We shopped around and finally decided on the place to buy the granite and they would also install it. They seemed very knowledgeable and professional. They sent a woman out to the house to measure everything and she talked with us for quite awhile....mostly about how important it was to have good customer service. We liked that because we think it's important, too.

HB did all the demolition and that took him a couple of weekends because he had to do the work when he had the time. Consequently my kitchen was a wreck for a few weeks....all the while I was cleaning the other parts of the house.

Kitchen before

This is what most of my kitchen looked like for a couple of weeks!!

We had an odd little breakfast bar area that separated the kitchen from the family room. It was nothing more than a clutter area. Everything that came in the door ended up on that counter area! We both did it....and I hated it!

Breakfast bar before

The woman who came to the house (Sue) suggested we just get rid of it....cut it down to regular counter height and make one big island area. Why didn't I think of that!!

Breakfast bar being demolished

HB taking down the last part of the old breakfast bar

So long story short, we scheduled the installation on the 16th. Remember, Thanksgiving was the 22nd so there was no time for any delay! Of course, it would be done as planned, said Sue and her boss. No problem.

Can you guess what happened?? Yep....problem....delay!! On the morning when they were supposed to be here we sat waiting patiently and no one showed up. Finally HB called and Sue informed him that the truck had broken down on the freeway and the crew would get here if and when they could! Remember this was the woman who stood in our kitchen and talked with us about customer service and how important it was!! She hadn't even bothered to call us to let us know what was going on! We had to call her!

After several more phone calls HB got really p----d off at her whole attitude and he began calling around to other places to find someone who could install the granite. After talking to several people he found a contractor who had a guy come out to the house and take a look. He said he could install the granite the next day....the 17th. So he and HB went over to the original place and picked up our granite and brought it to the house.

All night we worried about whether or not they would actually show up the next day and if they would be able to do the job. Our worries were for nothing. They arrived as planned and worked their butts off but they got the counter tops installed and everything looks beautiful.

The crew hard at work

Kitchen after

New island area

HB also hung some pendant lights over the new island area and installed a few more outlets and new switches. It was a hectic few weeks and I didn't mention it on the blog because we wanted it to be a surprise for Thanksgiving.

And remember when the truck broke down? That was the same weekend all this counter top stuff happened. Talk about overload!!

After all the granite was installed I still had to put the kitchen back together and clean the whole downstairs all over again! Do you see all that cloud of dust in the air in that last photo....well, most of it ended up in the house! Every surface was covered with a layer of very fine granite dust! But I made it. I got it all cleaned and ready and it looked beautiful for our big day. That was just one of the things I had to be thankful for!!


  1. Its beautiful... Can we trade kitchens.


  2. The counters look Gorgeous!
    Sandra Evertson

  3. Looks like something out of a magazine....gorgeous!!! I really like the color. Well worth all the trouble.

  4. wow, oh wow that's a gorgeous kitchen Janet.. I love it!!
    The pictures remind me of an HGTV
    PEace, Kai xx

  5. WOOT! YOU had a GRANITE time didn't YOU???!! hehe It LOOKS sooOOOoooOO warm and cozy!!! Yayyyyy! Those workers did a Great job!!!

  6. The new kitchen looks fantastic - of course from where I amthe old one looked nice too! Congratulations.

  7. WOW! Looks beautiful!


  8. Wow looks gorgeous. I'm green with envy. My kitchen is so overdue for a renovation and I covet the granite. It looks so great!

  9. OH Janet it came out beautiful, just beautiful!!! I love the color granite you chose too - I am so happy it all happened and was done before the big day!
    One of my biggest pet peeves is the lack of good customer service. It seems people just don't care anymore and THAT'S a huge stress. Good for you two for finding another installer.
    I can't wait to see pics of your day...I know it was wonderful to have both your son and daughter home!
    Love and hugs,

  10. I'm not a granit fan, I know hearesy!, but I'm not, still I think yours looks wonderful. I really like getting rid of that little counter dealie. I've never understood those. This one is neat. Whew! I'm huffing and puffing for you.

  11. Your new countertops are just beautiful! My counters are Brady Bunch orange. I wonder if I'll ever get them changed. I should be grateful that I am getting my bathroom fixed up.

    It would be so nice to have a husband who is handy. At least Dan doesn't think he's an electrician (shudder). He does think he's a plumber, with some disastrous results.


  12. Your counters look lovely and what a great idea to make the large island.
    Won't you hate to leave them when the house sells?
    Hope your Thanksgiving celebration was lots of fun!

  13. It looks gorgeous - but whew! That must have been stressful. So glad it all worked out. (hugs)

  14. Janet...Thank God you didn't have to cook in a construction zone.LOL
    The kitchen and counters are gorgeous...the pendant lights are beautiful too!

  15. Well my goodness, you and Rosie had some bad luck with the kitchen remodel but look at them now,,BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I will have Granite counters one day!!! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving. We just painted and painted,,but had fun too!


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