Monday, November 26, 2007

A Few Changes and Some Recent Photos

I'm sure you've noticed my changes for Christmas!! The drawing is an old one I did several years ago but it was the quickest image I could come up with....I'll most likely change it in a few days.

Also you may have noticed that I've changed what my profile says. I've (gulp) stated that I'm an illustrator. That took some guts but I promised Suzi-k that I would do it and so there it is in print for all to see.

Many of you have been so encouraging about my drawings. I'm also considering a few other changes in my blog but more about that later. I know....what a tease! Hey, it's a long standing thing. I was voted one of the three biggest teases in my senior class! What can I say!! Apparently it doesn't wear off with time.

I also added a new profile photo....

I'm getting into the Christmas spirit this year!!!


Are you sick of eating leftovers yet? Do you think if you have to look at another turkey sandwich you'll scream? Well, then don't go any farther because I'm going to show you a couple of pictures from our Thanksgiving!!

First and foremost was the star of the day....HB did the honors.

And the supporting role went to....also done by HB.

Some of the other cast members....I actually did some of these!

The new kitchen counter tops being used....

And last but not least, HB and I with some of our guests....we had almost matching shirts!! Can you say ahhhhh....

It was a fantastic day with our family. I'm so glad they were all able to come spend it with us. And a special thanks to Damon for taking all the photos.


  1. You're looking very festive here! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering. We're having the last of the leftovers tonight. I can't deal with them anymore!!

  2. Hi Janet!

    I enjoy seeing the photo of your new countertop! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    You are defintiley leading the pack in Christmas Spirit this year!!!!

  3. Beautiful blog decor!!
    Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!! What a talented duo you two are!!
    Your food pics are making me hungry--they look fabulous lol.
    Sounds like you've had a wonderful last week and holiday.
    Your spirit is rubbing off on us all!

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Hey Janet!!!Love the photo of you! Looks like your really getting into Christmas! GO JANET! The Thanksgiving photo's look wonderful! Thanks for sharing everything with us! *HUGS*

  5. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the entire year but, yes, I'm sick of turkey for the time being. You make an adorbale Santa's helper and your kitchen is great. I can't believe it was done in only a couple weeks. You have good remodeling karma!!!

  6. Jeez you sure had a feed at your place Janet.
    I love the Christmas look on your blog especially the header.

  7. Wonderful pictures of your festivities and your kitchen development. Your kitchen looks fabulous.

    I love your new picture.

    Your family certainly looks very happy to be together. What a nice Thanksgiving you had!

  8. Hi Illustrator! It's well deserved!

    LOVE your kitchen!! I'm sooooo envious.

  9. Looks great!! I like your new holiday look for the blog.

    Your new countertops are amazing!! I really love granite - so pretty! Looks like you had so much fun for the holiday!

    I am also very impressed that you put it in print - you ARE an illustrator! If I were an author, I'd hire you to illustrate! :)

  10. You look so pretty, joyful and "in the spirit" in your Santa Lady hat. Notice I did not call you Mrs. Santa. (She's older!)


  11. WOW! What a kitchen! So glad that you were able to deal with the problems and enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving meal. You are extra cute with in the festive mode. Maybe I'll stop being the Grinch this year and start feeling festive.

  12. Merry Christmas Janet! Your blog sure helps put us into the spirit! Loved you in your hat!

  13. You ARE a tease! hehe. And very cute in that hat too!
    (i'm still signed in as sam, which is the name I use on the Port Elizabeth Daily Photo blog, but this is Suzi-k here BTW!)

  14. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Love the new look of the blog. Great picture of you also. Love Hugs and Blessings


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