Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I've Got a Bug....

I've been struck by the cleaning bug! I'm doing lots of cleaning and working around the house in preparation for the holidays. The only art I've done is this doodle....

I'll be back in a couple of days. This "cleaning bug" should only last another day or so!!


  1. This is one SPECTACULAR doodle! I sure wish I would get bit by the cleaning bug. God knows there are enough bugs around here one surely must be a cleaning bug.

  2. The bug has visited OZ as well my husband and I have been cleaning out the cupboards this week--Question--why do we keep all the stuff stuck away in the cupboards?
    Answer--haven't a clue.

  3. oh good, when i saw the title i thought you were sick! It is such a nice feeling when everything is in order

  4. That is Not a doodle-that is art!

    I need to catch your cleaning I've still not recooped from the garage clean out the other day!

  5. I wish you could pass that bug to me. What wonderful shapes you "doodle". Beautiful!

  6. Janet,
    I have been sick with the same bug..I have a fever! My bug tends to want to find new places to put old junk...I don't know why we keep all this stuff???? I am going to the store this afternoon to buy storage baskets...the kind you can put the name of what is in it on the front....I need a doctor!!!!
    You don't doodle! You DOOOOOOOO-dle!!!! Mary

  7. If I could doodle like that I'd spend all my time doodling. As it is in our Design and Composition class, I'm the only one who claims to never doodle and who really doesn't. Never! I bead or work on the house when I'm on the phone and the when I sit down to draw it work. I think you are amazing!

  8. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Love it. Looks like it should be turned into a hat.

  9. That's the only bug I want. Somehow I've caught every other available bug.
    My house is in such a craptacular mess you'd lose your lunch, Janet.
    I'm off to clean, I am deeply ashamed.

  10. Your doodle is so pretty....

  11. would you mind breathing on me a little. I love the doodle. I wouldn't even color it in-it looks like ironwork

  12. Oh janet...please come here and give me your BUG!!! I need to catch that bug and I sure love your doodle bug!!!

  13. Ohhhhh, wow wow, Your doodle is with such intent. It is wonderous.

    Now, do you think you might pass the bug on to Texas. Norah's just not in the mood to clean.

  14. If you're all done at your house, come here!! It's been hectic and I could use a hand keeping the dust bunnies under control. ;-)


  15. amazing talent Janet, I mean I could look at what you call doodles for hours.
    Can I ask what you doodle with

  16. Amazing !!!!! Zentangle


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