Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just Doodling Around Again....

The cleaning bug still has a hold on me so the only art I have to show again is a doodle that I did while watching tv last night....

Thank goodness I can sit and doodle while watching "mindless drivel"....that's what HB calls most tv programs. With the writers on strike I'm sure it will only get worse. But maybe that will be good for me and I can get more art done! I don't watch a lot of tv but I have to admit it's usually on in the evenings even when no one is watching it. HB goes to bed so early that having the noise in the house is somehow comforting for me.

Ok, I'm off to clean again. I'm making good progress and should be able to finish by the weekend. Wish me luck....I'll see you soon.


  1. if you finish by the weekend how about dropping around and giving me a hand.

  2. I love these last two doodles that you've done. Well done with the cleaning, just think how satisfied you'll feel when it's all done and you can sit back and be all ready bfor the holidays:)

  3. Hi Janet! Your doodle is reminds me of a sort of ball gown! ..ughhhh...I am still cleaning...

  4. Janet, you amaze me.
    I should get off my butt and do something. Sigh!
    Love the doodle, I am a doodlin kind of gal myself!

  5. Great doodle Janet. It looks like a butterfly dressed for a ball..
    If you run out of chores drop by, I'll find some here for you..

  6. Great penwork! It reminds me of a butterfly, a bird, and a fairy...I can't decide which. Maybe it's a transformation.

  7. Janet,
    Your doodles aer AMAZInG!!!! DO MORE!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!


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