Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Art Journal Pages....

I'm completely pooped from all the partying done around Blogland yesterday. I had to make the rounds to some of them this morning and I still didn't make it to everyone's party.!!

I may not be posting quite as often for the next little while. I have some projects going at the house (I'll tell more about them later) and I'm trying to really concentrate on my studio and making art.

Here are two pages from my art journal that I did today. They may not be finished yet....time will tell.

First one....

This has silver ink but it shows up as white.

And second one....

I'll post these on flickr in a larger size if you want to see them bigger.


  1. Hi Janet. Great pictures. And I loved the old Halloween pics you posted in bloglandia. Hot times.

  2. Beautiful and colorful, as always!

  3. I love the first one especially. I'm so glad you told me it was silver though! I imagined it that way and got a cool image in my head. Nice work!

  4. Janet those art journal pages are awesome. You've come a long way in the last month. You should be proud. Great Job.


  5. those pages. They look like soul collage. Beautiful!

  6. I can't keep up with comments. That's the last party I tell ya! Shoosh.
    Janet, my fave is the bee...but I loved the footprints on the bottom one. They are both lovely.
    You should be proud, like Kate states!

  7. You did a great job, I like the first one, with the water reflections and all the colors...

  8. Cool journal pages, Janet - that first one's my favorite. Hope all goes well with the house projects.

  9. I think they are both wonderful, but I like the second one the best.
    I also love the pictures of you on Halloween, a real chic!
    Off to lunch with the girls, then I will come home and start one of my Christmas projects....I know it sound early, but I am slow!

  10. They are very pretty...I need to continue on with my Christmas bookmark project...if you would like one along with my other blog pals, just email me your address!

  11. great journal pages Janet....journals are fun....especially to look back in them years later....Have a good weekend...and don't do too much raking! :-)

  12. Beauty Full!!! Janet! I've never journaled, maybe I should start but I don't seem to have time for everything as it is!!!Happy Week-end!!

  13. My goodness, Janet. I think your artwork has grown by leaps and bounds. These two are great. You go, girl! Both are wonderful and the best one is ... um... umm ... Number Two!

    I made a crone collage for Robyn's croning ceremony next Friday and my collage (sniff) does not stand up to yours at all. Everything has to be pretty and symmetrical on mine. How do I break out of those bounds?

    (BTW - Do you know Robyn?)



  14. You are reminding me of how much I need to be journaling daily. I have been stagnating and taking the easy road for a while now when I should be pushing myself to be a better artist. Thanks for the inspiration to get back into my journal. I'm afraid it will have to wait til after Christmas though. Too many Christmas things to make for etsy.

  15. Absolutely stunning! I love the reflection created in the first and the second well I could sit and stare at this one all day and become inspired to speaks to me! So many thoughts come to mind when I look at this..walking towards my dream..don't be afraid of the many thoughts Janet...I really am impressed with your creativety you are gifted!!
    YES don't blog for awhile and continue creating!!
    Hugs Anna xo

  16. I had to laugh, scrolling down I ended up with the photo of you in Haloween gear and the second footprints journal page on my screen together.... hee hee what a contrast! the "attitude" and the "serenity"..... who says growing old sucks? At least with time comes peace and wisdom... hopefully. (But I bet there's still a party animal in there somewhere!!)


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