Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oops! Apologies All Around....

My face is a little bit red after my whine session the other day!! Sorry about that! I promise not to do that again....because when it's late at night and I write something on here, I'll save it until the next morning before I hit that "publish" button!! That way I can read it over and decide if it's ok to put out there for all to see.

Now moving on....I don't have a lot of art to show you today but I do have a couple of doodles. They aren't nearly as detailed as some of the previous ones but I didn't have much time.

And this next one is completely weird!! I'm not sure what corner of my brain this one was hiding in but here it is....

It seems to be a cross between Halloween and Christmas.....or a bit of Nighmare Before Christmas, maybe. I can't really comment since I haven't (gasp) seen the movie. Did I mention I live under a rock??!!


  1. Janet, Doodles are Art. Yours are great.


  2. i love your tree Janet.......wouldn't a series of trees be cool? What do you think? They have such feeling in them!

    love violette

  3. Kate is right - your doodles are definitely art. If it makes you feel better - I'm also living under a stone... I haven't seen the movie too... but I love your tree!

  4. aloha Janet..
    You know, if your only measure of your art's value is colour..then you will never appreciate the transparency of simply beautiful diamonds.
    Colours arn't always necessary to create the gorgeous art you do Janet.
    there's a lot of zen and peace in simplicity. I love yours because it has a fullness of it's own.
    Peace, Kai

  5. Your art is wonderful. I love it. We are all critical of our own work. I go thru the same thing many times. Your "doodles" are wonderful pen and ink work. Don't doubt yourself. Check out some other pen and ink artists on the internet and you will see that yours is superior to many! xoxoxo

  6. I like both, but the tree is a blast. my doodling comes out much more primitive. more like triangles and fireworks.

  7. I love them..the tree is magical...and strange...mysterious! It makes one wonder what the story is??? SEE! Your art is amazing in it's own way!

  8. Janet...your art speaks for itself whether it's black and white or in have a great design sense.

  9. I love your doodles. They are truly amazing. When I doodle, they don't make any sense. Yours give a great feeling and need to take the pen and do something.
    I love your ART, it really is ART what you are creating, no doubt about that.
    The tree is great, I like it.

  10. Vent anytime you want, my dear.

    I love your tree. Does that make me weird too?


  11. Your tree is fantastic. I love it. I think it is one of the best things you have done.

  12. I love them both. One is so free, feminine and flowing and the other has--shall we call it a schizo-personality as the ribbon and curves soften the rigid tree lines and then the hanging off the branches sort of disbelieve both. It is really fascinating. You are so good and don't know it.

  13. Janet, I don't think it was a whinge, just an airing ofyour feelings - and it is OK not ot be up all the time. I love your drawings, btw.

  14. I agree with Kate and Zorana - your doodles ARE art!. I would buy cards with your tree designs in a flash.

  15. And I am glad you vented your feelings. This is a safe place to do that. I can be critical o my art some times and feel it can be a bit simplistic. We all go through periods of wondering if our art is up to scratch. Your art is wonderful! And you are a very special person too.

  16. Maybe I'm weird but that tree REALLY does it for me, it is so unique, and atmospheric, really good. I think you sell yourelf short by referring to these as 'doodles' as if they not worthy of being called drawings. This one is very good.


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