Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ants and a Bird....

Thanks to Julie and mizamigo for taking part in my PIF. I can't promise that you'll get something before Christmas but you will get something soon.

I've been busy being a warrior! I'm in a death fight with.....would you believe....ants!! Yes, it's December and you would think they would be hibernating someplace warm or doing whatever ants do in the winter. But these are Southern California ants and apparently they didn't get the memo about moving on down to the tropics. We have ants in the kitchen cabinets!! I had to remove everything so HB could spray and he also caulked any openings he could find but I know they'll find a way back in....they always do. That's one of the perks you get when living in California. Ants love it here, too.

I know this is really a trivial thing to be whining about when parts of the country are under a heavy blanket of ice and snow but it's not pleasant to be getting ready to fix our weekly Sunday morning waffles and to find ants crawling all over the counter. How dare they contaminate my new counter tops!! Plus now the little buggers are very difficult to spot on the granite! I'll have to be even more vigilant.

Over the past few days I've done another drawing. This one is a little different, and it took me a little longer to do....

"A Bird in the Hair is Worth Two in the Bush"

I painted the outside edge freehand so it isn't perfect! I decided that was the only way I am going to get solid black!


  1. Think about putting chalk that you use on a Chalk board also where you think they are coming in at.

    I think it is pennyroyal or some other mint planted outside around the home also is suppose to help keep ants away. You can probably find info at I am not sure but I find a lot of information there on different subjects.

    Love this Lady and your other drawings.

    Have a Blessed Month!!!

  2. How is my girl? I have been doing some Christmas projects. I can't remember what we did for has been along time since I have had to deal with them. Gettem girl!
    Our Thanks giving was beautiful, but in all the giving of thanks was the sadness of Mandy passing away. I am blessed to have known her.
    I like your Bird Lady.
    Love, Mary

  3. Oh yuck so sorry to hear about those pesky little varmints. I know they're a nuisance. Love your new lady she is fabulous!I'm such a hair person! I can't enlarge it without using ACD it's so frustrating. I want to see the larger version!

    Hugs Sherrie

  4. ahhh- sorry about the ant problem!

    That new drawing is interesting!


  5. Lovely drawing Janet. Sorry about the ants, I hope you find a solution soon.


  6. We used to have ants in our kitchen too. Horrid, horrid things. It was gross. Dan sprinkled some stuff around the outside of the house and got rid of them.

    I really like your drawing. It reminds me of the old Edward Lear poem.


  7. Funny. I like that saying! I saw your new pic at Beth's and just had to come and visit! Love the hat!! I have been lacking in visiting around lately. Must do better!

  8. Oh, I Love this!
    Sandra Evertson

  9. That drawing is different and I really like it. Cool!

  10. Janet, could be worse. You could have an infestation of, oh, I don't know, sheep. Or porcupines.

  11. Your creation is great!!! Oh and ants... Well, in some countries they are delicacies.. you could fry them up? GULP GULP.. hee heee... Yucky, I know.. You poor dear, ants are the pits!! The nerve of them!! ;)

  12. hehe "didn't get the memo...snort.... just be glad it's ants! Here at the coast, our bugs who like seaside holidays are cockroaches, eeeeuw, and it doesn't matter how often you get the fumigators in, they just come back through the drains in no time. I love the new pic, that quirky bird in the hair is such a 'Janet' touch, great fun!

  13. Janet-I can't think of anything I hate worse than ants Yuk.

  14. Hi Janet, we had big carpenter ants when we lived in a heavily wooded lot. put some kind of powder around the house to keep them out. hope you've got yours under control! I like your Santa - did you draw that too?

  15. Strange, ants this time of year. Maybe these can't swim and they were escaping Friday's rain!

  16. The ants go marching one by one ..Hooray hoorah...Your drawing is fabulous! I love her!

  17. Ants hate coffee..I sprinkle coffee grounds all around the outside of my house and in any spots I can find them in.. (You can get tuns of FREE grounds from Starbucks and the likes)
    Maybe that will help?

    Merry everything, peace.. Kai xx

  18. this is gorgeous and made me laugh. You are so wonderful in your drawings, i am envious.

  19. Maybe they're trying to stay warm? At least at night - or get cool in the daytime - it's been so nice here lately. We've been lucky this year - they haven't found their way in yet - knock on wood!

    Love the drawing!


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