Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Art in Different Forms....

I'm so pleased that you all like the gifts I gave this year! I didn't have to check sizes, or colors, or even to make sure I had addresses....I just had to make a difficult decision about which items I would purchase. I wish I could have bought even more but at the moment that was all my purse would allow! I'm thinking of making this a regular thing to do each month or so. After all, Christmas isn't the only time when people need things!


The mailbox has been busy over the past few days with lots of beautiful cards. I also received my ornament from a swap I was in....Violette sent me one of her fabulous creations!

The picture doesn't do it justice. I have the ornament hanging on the mantel but against the brick I couldn't get a good picture so I put it on some foam board so you could see all the ribbons. I love it, Violette!! Thank you so much.

Also in the mail was a wonderful big letter "J" magnet from Kai. Here it is on my fridge with one from Violette and one from Molly....

Kai also sent me the picture she drew of me earlier. I think she did a good job capturing me....

Thanks, Kai!! You're such a sweetie!


I have been doing some art over the past few days, too. I seem to go in spurts and spells when it comes to art. I either spend most of my time doing it or I don't do any!

This gal fell asleep in the garden and all the vines made a tattoo on her face!

She's my "Tattooed Lady"....I have another drawing I just finished this morning but you'll have to come back tomorrow to see that one!! I can't show you everything all at once....there has to be some teasing!


  1. SWEET gifts all around!!! I LOVE that blue eyed gal and I LOVE tattoos!!! I'll be back to seeeeeeeeeee your other creation!!!

  2. how cool is that?!!! The tattooed lady is stunning!

  3. teehee, "J" lady :) Im glad you like the little gifts..
    Merry everything!! PEace, Kai xx

  4. love your lady and how wonderful to receive such lovely gifts. How did she ever make that oranment...

  5. Lovely gifts the mailman brought!
    And lovely lady that fell asleep in the garden, too.

  6. OOh...Love your ornament....and goodies. Last year I got one from Violette too!

  7. Hi Ms Janet I swear i love all your ladies and i really want to trade on, please tell me yes. please. Thank you love for the birthday wishes. It made my day all the more brighter.


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