Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Can You Believe it?

We are having some absolutely spectacular weather here. I almost hate to show this to you since I know many of you have snow....but here is a picture of my thermometer on the back patio this afternoon. You can see the almost bare tree in the background and all the leaves on the ground....and the temperature is 72ยบ!! Can you believe it??

clickable if you want to see it closer

I haven't been in much mood to do anything but be outside! Let me know if you want me to send some of this weather your way!


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Fantastic weather. I have some of that also. It was 69 here at 3:00pm. Then cool at night. Perfect.

  2. Yeah, I'm jealous. It seems to feel even more bitterly cold this year than in other years. Don't know why.


  3. I've been standing here waving at you for hours...warm please???

  4. We've been that warm too. Weird to be that warm in December, but today the front from the NW is moving into the state and setting up to give the mountains feet of snow. They need it. It rained a bit here so that is okay.

  5. well this is a change, all the American blogs I have been visiting are showing snow on everything, very picturesque for those of us who don't actually have to live in it for months on end! Looks to me like there are a lot of places who will be having a white Christmas this year, but apparently that won't include you or me!

  6. We are keeping fairly nice weather here too! It did rain last weekend,but we really needed it!
    I absolutely LOVE your bird in the hair drawing....very very good!

  7. It has been beautiful, hasn't it? I think we're supposed to get a bit of rain tonight, though. But yeah - I do feel almost guilty about how easy we have it, when I see all the photos with 12 inches of snow...brrt! Makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live here...

  8. Wow! I love our snow actually BUT it's being too cold and windy to go out and enjoy it. :-(
    Good that you are spending time outdoors - the best place to be.
    Thanks for your visits. They are so appreciated.
    Angels be with you,
    Wendy XO

  9. ...excuse me..Hey lady!! can you please send some heat our way.. 5" of snow is cold... lol..

    Lucky girl you are Ms Janet.
    PEace, Kai

  10. Lucky you - looks fantastic and so much more enjoyable than the cold!

  11. alright I love your weather, I wish I was there. To much snow shovelling here.

  12. Loving this 70 degree weather! This is the best time of year in FL. I just got over one of those death battles with ants. I THINK I won, but I should wait and see before I speak. Don't those little buggers celebrate the holidays in their own nests? They need to stay out of mine! The local ag agent told me that are seeking water. Hmmmmmmm


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