Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Still on Duty....

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa was good to you. In spite of all the problems, HB and I enjoyed the day with Molly and Ryder. We had a nice meal, opened our gifts, and there were actually pictures taken....but I haven't downloaded them yet.

This morning we had to be up very early to be at the hospital so HB could have his blood test and then tomorrow he will see the doctor. So far he's being a pretty good patient. I've only had to smack him a couple of times!! :-) And by the time this is all over I should have calves of steel from going up and down the stairs. Maybe I'll make a video of how to have "Calves of Steel" sort of like "Buns of Steel" and then I'll be famous. All you have to do is have a husband who is restricted to being quiet and live in a two-story house.

Our next door neighbors have been fantastic since they got home from their cruise. I can't tell you how nice it is to know there are still people like this who are willing to do just about anything to help us out.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and sent me messages over the past few days. I have read each and every one and appreciate them all....but there is just no way I can respond to each one of them right now. And I haven't been around to visit any blogs....just no time to do that....maybe I can visit tonight. Just know that I'm thinking of all of you.


  1. When you have a patient in the upstairs it is difficult to even read mail, let alone respond. I'm so glad you've had help from your neighbors. I hope the new year finds DH fit as a fiddle! And your calves can go back to just firm and jolly instead of steel.

  2. Hey Janet don't keep smacking HB to much he may end up getting to like it.

  3. I am laughing so hard at Doreen's comment!! Too funny...
    Despite the smacking around :) I hope Santa was good to you - you deserve it! What a great attitude you have - "calves of steel," lol - I could use those, my split level only has a couple of steps though - guess I could use it like a stairstepper, though. Hope all continues to go well with HB and the tests,etc - and that you can put your feet up for a little awhile, yourself.

  4. I feel like a schmuck for not reading your blog for long enough to not know anything about all this going on in your life Janet. Take care of HB and yourself. And do lean on your generous neighbor. One day when it all settled down for you and HB, you will get to pay them back one way or another. Friends are so wonderful at times like this.

    Take care Janet and now the picture is even more amazing that you sent it. Such a gifting at such a time in your life.


  5. Just take it easy Janet, and tend to your HB and your calves. Don't forget to put some nice cream on them at nigh, so you will not get cramping happening.

    Sending more of those warm cyber vibes for you both.

  6. So happy to hear the hubby is on the mend and your calves are solid. We forget about those stairs unless we use them umpteen times a day. No wonder all these new houses have masters on the main floor. Kinda makes sense as I get older. I say, who needs a stairmaster when you have a sick hubby to tend to. You go J!

  7. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Thinking of you, Janet, and wishing you both some peace...
    I have a Flickr friend who has been nursing her sick husband while he rests at the top of their FOUR-storey house! Imagine the calves on her! ;D
    I'm glad HB was home for Christmas, and hope the New Year gets off to a great start and stays that way for you both.
    Love & Hugs, Suze xXx

  8. Janet...hope your darling DH is getting better now. Glad you were able to enjoy Christmas.Thinking of you with fond wishes.

  9. Janet I am just catching up on what is happening with you!! Oh dear your dear H. and I should be recovering in the same room and you and my natureboy could take turns tending to us!! Oh how I know those shots in the stomach!! Natureboy has been giving them to me daily since my accident and I have 11 more to go!Yes they do sting when administered and leave bruises.
    I am sure my dear H. has wanted to throw me out the window a few times because I now use the phone as an intercom when on the second floor!
    "I need ..I want.. could you get"...
    Wishing you and your dear husband peace love and good health in the coming year!
    hugs hop along naturegirl! xo

  10. Hi Janet!

    I think when Hubby is better you should play sick for a few days!! Thank you so much for the Christmas card which arrived yesterday, post has been SLOW lately.

    Continued prayers for both of you.

  11. So happy that your life is getting a little calmer. Boy you have had your hands full. Do you smack him each trip you have to make up the staris?

  12. Glad you managed to get through it with a bit of pleasure! Well you can thank Hb for those sexy calves he gave you for Christmas!

    Knowing you I bet the only thing you smacked was your lips over Christmas dinner. Did you have tofurky? I just love saying that even though I'd never eat it...

    Glad your neighbors are there for you! I think there are some marvelous people in the world and we attract what we are!! So I imagine they're lucky to have you too! Take care Janet...prayers for Hb too!

    Hugs Sherrie

  13. I am thinking of you... don't forget to also take CARE of your SELF!

  14. never mind calves of steel, sounds like you need some nerves of steel too!

  15. Oh Janet!!! I am so sorry about HB being sick during Christmas. I have been moving and haven't been around but I am back.
    Sounds like your taking great care of the patient. I hope you were able to enjoy some of your Christmas and I hope HB is getting better with each day.
    Much love to you and loved your card you sent!!!

  16. I don't know what I would have done without my daughter, my helper angel this Christmas. This was a kid who was never interested in housekeeping when she was a teenager but she cleaned and scrubbed her way through the house.

    Thank God for family, neighbors and friends when one is having difficulties.



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