Saturday, December 08, 2007

Trees....Old and New

Things around here are settling back into a somewhat "normal" routine again. HB's job finished up just before Thanksgiving so he's been home ever since and that means we're back to sharing the computer each day. That's why I haven't been posting much over the past few days!

Just so you all won't feel too bad, the temperature didn't stay warm very long! We're back to afternoon highs in the 60's, which isn't all that bad considering what some of you have, but those 70's were sure nice while they lasted! We even got a smidgen of rain but not nearly enough to make a difference around here.

I've been trying to get a good photo of our Christmas tree but I'm just not a good photographer! I finally just took one with my little Kodak but it doesn't do the tree justice. In person, it has a frosty, somewhat magical appearance when the lights are on but I just couldn't capture it. So this is just a "flat" photo of the tree....

And here's a close-up....

We decorate this tree with red and gold ornaments and I always put up the red drapes in the living room and dining room. We have a smaller tree in the family room that has all different colors of ornaments on it....some that are really old including one blue glass ornament that was on my very first ever Christmas tree when I was only a few months old. It's just a plain ornament, no decorative stuff or anything and it's very fragile. My mom always told me the story about my first tree. It was 1943, during WWII and things were scarce. My Great-Uncle Dan insisted that I had to have a tree for my first Christmas and he spent the day out looking for the tree and the lights and ornaments to decorate it. This was quite a thing for him to do especially since he had a wooden always fascinated me! I can just see him tromping around looking for stuff for a tree!! All he could find were plain blue glass ornaments so that's what I had. But I had a tree!! And I've had a tree just about every Christmas since then with the exception of a few years when we were in the RV traveling around and there wasn't room for one! And last year when I was Mrs. Scrooge!!

The only piece of art I can show you right now is one of my trees that I re-did. I had drawn the original on just a piece of sketch paper so I did this one on Bristol and once again it's too big for the scanner bed and it cuts off the black edging I did but you can see most of it.

I did this one with India ink markers but the black still isn't as solid as I would like it to be. Better, but not quite there yet. I will keep trying things until I find what I want!


  1. You win Janet that is some magnificent tree you have there--isn't tradition wonderful and to be able to share it here with us as well- fantastic.

  2. I can see the magic of the fairy lights on the tree. I've never been good at pictures of trees either. I think your's is beautiful! I also really like the drawing! It has whimsy to it's starkness now.

  3. Your tree looks beautiful-I've yet to discover the secret of taking a good Christmas tree photo.

    I'm hoping to put our tree up sometime this week.

  4. love your trees, I have not put mine up yet, tommorow just might be the day. I love your tree picture, where did you get your india ink pencils is that what you used.

  5. Awwww..I loved the story of your first Christmas tree. In fact, I have tears in my eyes.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely tree. I will be posting pictures of mine, I hope.


  6. That tree is one great tree! And, I love your drawing.......

  7. I can't tell you how much I love these trees that you are making-and now you have a series. LOVE THEM!

  8. Your trees are both beautiful! I just can't get over all the talent you have. Could you come over and lay hands on me? :)

    Red lights mysteriously appeared in my Christmas box this year. I can't remember where they came from. We put them on the tree and we had bought some new ornaments (red birds that clip on the ends) and it all looks magical to me. Plus, it's an all-new tree for an all-new couple. The kids like it, too, but they're more interested in hanging out with their girls. Go figure.

  9. Beautiful story about Uncle Dan looking for your first Christmas should write a childrens book about that! Very sweet!

  10. Janet, I love your tree story....
    And your tree is so pretty. I haven't put mine up yet. I will make sure to share it if I can get a good picture...
    You have got your HO HO HO!
    Big Hugs,Mary

  11. fabulous trees... the real one and the drawing! and what delightful memories

  12. So glad we both have the spirit this year!! Feels so much better. Love the story of your sweet uncle. Almost a Norman Rockwell moment!

    Hugs Sherrie
    Sharing the computer sucks...haha...I have two here and it frustrates the dickens out of me!


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