Sunday, December 16, 2007

What I've Been Up to....

Please forgive me for being, once again, way behind in blog visits. But this time I really do have an excuse!

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day at the hospital! No, not for me....with HB. He woke up with a huge lump in his leg just above his knee. I insisted he call the doctor and he said go straight to the ER!

After all the signing in, waiting, more signing, more waiting, we finally got to see a doctor. They ran some tests and did an ultrasound of HB's leg....that was interesting to watch!....and they eventually declared there was no immediate danger. No deep vein clots or anything like that....whew! So we were sent home with instructions for him to keep his leg elevated.

Have you ever tried to keep a guy from getting up and doing stuff?! It's an almost impossible thing to do! Just call me nursemaid Janet! All in all it was not how either of us had planned to spend our Saturday!

And more bad news for me. My son is not going to make it here for Christmas. He has hurt his back and won't be able to be here. I'm really bummed out about that because it would have been the first time since the early 80's when both my kids would be with me for Christmas.

The good news is we are not having any bad weather as so much of the rest of the country is having. This is when I'm very glad I live where I do! No ice storms, not much snow, if any and that's just the way I like it. I hope all of you reading this are safe and warm and snug in your homes and that you have electricity and lots of hot chocolate!! Be safe....


  1. I'm glad HB's okay - that is hard to keep an active guy still though. But with such loving nursing care, he's sure to get better quickly.
    I'm so sorry about your son not being able to visit - and about his back injury too - hope he heals quickly, too.
    Looking at the photos of so much of the country blanketed with snow - I thank my lucky stars we live where we do - we are so lucky out here!

  2. North Florida is a pretty good place to be about now also.
    Glad they didn't find anything really dangeous with the leg, I do not understand why they do not give you a little more info about what it might be???? I'm heading out the door in a bit for evening services I will be sure to pray for both your guys. BE BLESSED:-)

  3. WHEW! so happy to hear all is well with dearest H! Oh how I know the *SLOW going ons of the ER dept. with my latest mishap!!

    Janet thank you for sending me good wishes for recovery! I will be hibernating on the second floor with much time to blog visit read meditate
    write go through my thousands of photos..see you often! hop along NG xo

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Here's hoping for a very speedy recovery for HB. I know only too well how difficult it can be to nurse a normally active male of the species, with the recent broken arm fiasco :(
    I am so sorry that your son is unable to travel, Janet, and wish him a very speedy recovery, too. I hope you get to see him before too long..
    We could do with some of your mild weather here - it is absolutely freezing outside! I washed the car today and the warm water I was using froze while I was in progress! BRRRR!
    sending my love and warm hugs, and many thanks for your visit today.
    Suze xXx

  5. Janet - so sorry to hear about your bad news. I hope your husband's problem goes away soon. And I'm sorry that your son won't be home for Christmas.

    Our little bit of snow here is melting today!


  6. Hugs to HB Janet and tell him if he doesn't stay seated with his leg up I will come and sit on him and he won't like that 'cos I'm no fairy.
    (That should do the trick)

  7. Glad to hear that it wasn't anything serious with HB! We are loving the snow...or is that the snow is loving us by covering us with its beauty...?

  8. I hope your "patient" co-operates and even better, that the problem wwith his leg clears up quickly!
    My son(and his new bride) won't be with us this I know a little of the "let down" you must feel!

  9. Glad your husband is ok. My husband had the same kind of thing and had a blog clot and was in the hospital for two weeks, very frightning. I have been tagged by Patti Mosca to tell 7 random things about me and to choose 3 people to do the same. Are you up for it, dont feel you have to, but would be intersting. If your interested see my blog for the details. Talk to you soon

  10. Hope all is well soon with HB. Being the nurse is a full-time job.It's too bad about your son-I hope he's better soon as well. It's 17 outside and there is an iceberg on my car and I have to go out to pick up a last minute thing I ordered for Roger-sorry, I just had to whine a little.

  11. We always want everything to be perfect on the holidays...Here's wishing you many magical and wonderful moments,HB to get better and at least you don't have to shovel snow.xx

  12. Gotta love California's weather!!! I hope both of your boys (DH and son) feel better soon. It's no fun being laid up during the holidays. Well, unless you have Nurse Janet tending to your every need.

  13. oh dear, do hope all settles down soon. Send HB cyber hugs from South Africa!


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