Friday, December 21, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours....

Would you believe that I woke up yesterday morning to find water all over my kitchen floor?!! And my next door neighbor, who I always depend on when HB is not here, left on a cruise with his family Tuesday morning! So could it get any worse?

HB is still in the hospital but I wasn't able to see him because I was busy dealing with the kitchen crisis! He has been getting shots in his stomach....OUCH!!!....and he said they're not pleasant. The doctor changed the medication and started HB on Coumadin. That is scary as I've heard all kinds of horror stories about that stuff.

When I checked HB into the room, the nurse didn't believe me when I said he didn't take any medications, not even over-the-counter ones! But actually neither one of us takes any medications. And we'd like to keep it that way!!

Thank you ever so much for all your messages and thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated by both of us. I told HB about them when I talked with him yesterday....about a 100 times!! I'm sure the switchboard (or whatever they use now) was kept busy with me calling every 5 minutes!


  1. Deasr Janet! Girl...I miss a day and WHAT??? How is everything? How is your hub?

  2. Janet--
    Sending prayers your way for HB to get well, and get home soon...
    Sorry to hear about the kitchen too! It's always that way for me too--whenever my hubby's away, something has smoke pouring out, bursts, breaks, etc. *HUGS* Sorry to hear things are not great.

    Hope all gets better quick and you guys have a good holiday.
    Take care

  3. OH NO!!!!! Do you know where the water is coming from? I hope you can get someone to find out and fix it!
    Poor HB ..and getting shots(in the stomach no less)...I wondered if they were going to give him a blood thinner. I swear the strangest things happen in December to so many.
    I wish him a very speedy recovery and that you both can relax and have some peace restored!
    Sending love and hugs,

  4. Janet,

    Sending prayers for HB and courage for you to deal with it all. Hopefully the kitchen issue is taken care of soon,


  5. Oh Janet I am so sorry to hear that. You were the first blog I went to yesterday, that angst of needing to know how a person is fell upon me. Funny how we get attached to people. There is such an intimate connection in these blogs. I want to rush over there and figure out the water with you! Did you find where it's coming from and shut the water off? Was it because of the renovation? I am pretty good at those little fix it things now.Unfortunately I can't fix poor HB...I too wondered if they were giving him blood thinners. I sure hope your regular practitioner is intervening in his care. So much for all that lovely Christmas spirit. A few things have happened around here too that snuffed mine away. Nothing like what you're dealing with though. I'm so glad that you caught it when you did. I've heard that's imperative! You are in my heart and in my prayers...wishing HB a speedy recovery. Again so sorry to hear this happen to your family Janet. Sorry about your sons back too! Keep us updated if you can! More prayers coming your way!

    Big hugs with
    loads of love

  6. Janet, my friend, I am so sorry to hear that the kitchen decided to bathe itself in water!

    But, I hope all is under control and that HB is doing much better today...

    You and yours are in our thoughts!

  7. Oh Janet, I hope the worst is behind you (both). Poor you and poor hub. You are very fortunate you don't have to take medications. Between my meds and vitamins, I rattle when I walk! lol. Sure hope things get better for you. I'm rooting for ya! xo

  8. Hi Janet,
    You sound like you have a full plate at this already busy time of year. I'll certainly be keeping your husband in my prayers.

  9. I sure he is improving, my hubby was on cumadin as well, it thins the blood and they have to be careful not to get cut or anything, but it does help them. Take care

  10. I am sending my prayers for you and your husband! Hope you both are doing better!

  11. Janet,

    So sorry to hear of all your problems. I sure hope things smooth out for you and your husband soon.


  12. Janet, I just read about HB. Wow, how quickly life can turn. Wishing him quick recovery and YOU, a solution for the water disaster. Take care, hon. Annie

  13. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Oh, Janet. I thought all was well, and now find these last two posts... So sorry to hear of HB's dramatic turn of events. I hope he's comfortable now, and that you are coping ok. Thoughts and prayers with the both of you.
    Hugs & Much Love, Suze xXx

  14. Oh Janet, I just checked in to wish you a Happy Christmas and here you are having the worst time! My thoughts and prayers are with you and HB,I hope everything gets better soon.

  15. Hope HB will soon be home with you again. I've had those shots, not the most pleasant experience..!
    hope you figured out what the water was from..?
    Thank you for the Card..xx
    Love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

  16. Aloha Janet..
    HB and YOU too are in my thoughts and prayers..
    Love and hugs, xx
    PEace, Kai xx

  17. Janet just stopped by to send some love and hope for a quick recovery for Hb. Thinking of you and saying prayers.

    Hugs Sherrie

  18. Sending you out some peace angels during this time of trial. It really sucks this time of year, any time is bad really. eh? take care love and will be sending out some prayer for you.

  19. Janet,

    My sister was put on coumadin but quit taking it shortly thereafter. She is anti-coumadin. She calls it rat poison (which it is used for). Maybe you and HB can look into getting a 2nd opinion?

    And yes, it does pour when it rains. I was having such pain in my hands at Christmas and then my huband wrenched his knee and was in excruciating pain. He couldn't even eat Christmas dinner. Uffda.




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