Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo! Did I Scare You?

Well, just wait a second and I'm sure I will!

I've been trying to come up with something for the Bloglandia Halloween thingie but my mind just isn't working towards Halloween right now. Probably sometime around Valentine's Day I'll think of something great for Halloween! That seems to be the way I do things. I'm always either late or early but seldom right on the money.

So instead I will show you a couple of old photos of me on Halloween. It's the same costume only different years. The first time I did this, when I got to work no one recognized me at first! Here I am in all my tough girl glory!!

I actually put egg whites in my hair to try to get Liberty spikes but it didn't work too good! The next time I did this costume I didn't do that to my hair!

Don't you just "love" my slouchy don't-mess-with-me pose and the totally office-y hair-do!! If that isn't scary, I don't know what is!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pairs and Pages....

Two posts in one day!! I'm on a roll!

Recently I've been doing some more collages in my art journal. I actually painted another bunch of backgrounds and that takes me quite awhile to do since my work space is down to a couple of inches again! I gesso a couple of pages, then have to let them dry, then come back and paint them and let them get the picture. It takes me a long time to get several pages done, and I'm working in two art journals at once. So I'm actually painting four pages at a time but it's still a slow process for me. Maybe other people do theirs in a different way that's faster. If so I'd be interested in knowing.

My studio is a disaster area again and I think I'm just going to give up on trying to organize it. It doesn't function for me but at least it's a separate room all to myself so I'll muddle through. The main problem is I have too much stuff! What a surprise!! And would you believe that one of the problems is too many books! Who would have guessed? And yet I keep buying new ones! It's an addiction for sure. I need to join Book Buyers Anonymous. Do you think there's hope for me?

Here is one of my latest collages....

If you can't read it, the quote is a Chinese proverb: "Good luck seldom comes in pairs but bad things never walk alone." It's a little depressing but I thought it went with the pairs/pears in the collage.

I hope to have some more things to show you in a few days. I'm trying to stay focused on art.

Story from The Universe....

You may have noticed on my sidebar there's a "Note from The Universe"....these are daily messages I get in my email. Today as it happens I received the most wonderful little story from them and I thought I would share with everyone. So here it is:

"Long, long ago, before there was even sand in the hourglass, there was a teeny, tiny dot, Janet -- so small it was virtually invisible -- that was presented to you as a gift. At first, puzzled and perplexed, you thought it was a joke. Yet, trusting and inquisitive, your intuition led you to accept it and, before long, to carefully examine it.

And lo, after becoming extraordinarily teeny and tiny yourself, you found there was an entrance of sorts into this little treasure, in the form of a long and winding path. So inside you went, through the densest grove of ancient, moss-covered, bending oaks you will ever see. And before long, you found a shiny, gold, old-fashioned key that had been left upon a large, rounded stone, as if especially for you.

With key in hand you proceeded down the path until you arrived at a massive gate. Just above it there was a handwritten plaque for all who might pass beneath it:"Welcome to the Jungles of Time and Space, Where nothing is as it seems, yet all things are possible. Should you ever feel lost or weary, Forget not from where you have come, And follow the signs..."

Peering between the wrought iron bars, you could see the entire Milky Way Galaxy and a hundred billion galaxies beyond it. Your thoughts raced, your imagination ran wild, and as you raised your key to the sturdy, reinforced lock, slowly slipping it in, and gently turning... there was a sudden flash of light and burst of sound. Whereupon, seemingly light-years later but, in fact, no longer than an instant, you found yourself in the most beautiful human form, living on the most beautiful little planet, having a wonderful life, a wrinkle of curiosity on your brow, reading this very Note, right here and now, as Janet B-----.

Talk about a sign -
The Universe"

If anyone is interested in getting these daily messages from The Universe you can sign up here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Scary Me!!

Today Lynne had one of those quiz thingies on her blog and you all know how much I love those! So here is mine....

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You
The scariest thing on Halloween is you! You definitely don't want any kids in costumes crossing your path - and you're willing to scare away any who do.
No one quite understands you, but everyone also sort of worships you. And that's exactly how you like it.
Your inner child is open minded, playful, and adventurous.
You fear people taking advantage for you. You are always worried about protecting your own interests.
You're prone to be quite emotional and over dramatic. Deep down, you enjoy being scared out of your mind... even if you don't admit it.
You are a traditionalist with most aspects of your life. You like your Halloween costume to be basic, well made, and conventional enough to wear another year.

I'm not sure it sounds quite like me though. Am I that scary?? I hope not! I hope I don't scare away any little kids. Although this year we might not have many visitors since HB has to be in bed very early (like 8 PM) and I will have to turn off the porch light by then. So hopefully any little kids coming to our house will arrive early in the evening so they can get their treats.

I don't think I spend much time worrying about anyone taking advantage of me either. I usually go with treating people like I want to be treated and they usually do the same. As for the costume, I have been a gypsy more than any other thing for Halloween. It was my first ever costume and I repeated it many more times over the years. As a kid it was because I got to wear tons of jewelry and make-up! And I guess when I think about it, it was the same when I grew up!!

And the part about loving to be scared out of my mind....I don't think so!! I hate scary movies and refuse to watch them no matter what. I can sometimes read a scary book but haven't done that in quite awhile. I remember reading The Exorcist (never saw the movie!) and being creeped out by it but that was a long time ago.

This year I haven't done any Halloween decorating. I usually do a little bit but this year it's been so un-Halloween-like with temperatures in the 80's that I can't seem to get in the spirit. And I'm going to be a big party-pooper and miss Halloween in Bloglandia, too. I just can't seem to get a costume together.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Little Ghost Story

Since it's getting close to Halloween and I haven't done one single thing to decorate my blog or my house, I thought I would tell you a "ghost" story.

When I first met HB I lived in an apartment with a big "L" shaped living-dining-kitchen. At one end of the dining area sat my grandma's little hutch and atop that was a mish-mash of items that just ended up of which was a tall triple-decker hamburger shaped bank that my ex and I had gotten as a joke when we were in Mexico. It sat up there and held my loose change and I actually didn't even notice that it looked a little tacky! You know how you look at something every day and pretty soon you don't even see it anymore.

Just a little background on my mom....she had seldom "approved" any of the guys I dated over the years. She was picky and wanted perfection for me, I guess. But we all know that doesn't exist! When I began dating HB, my mom had been dead for many years but I still wondered what she would think of him.

One evening HB and I had been out for dinner and came back to my apartment and were sitting at the dining room table having a drink and talking. In those days he always wore a cowboy hat. When we came in, he had placed it on the hamburger bank since it was the perfect size and shape to hold it. As we sat there talking, the conversation eventually came around to my mom and we were discussing whether or not she would approve of him when suddenly the cowboy hat went sailing across the room!

We both just sat there looking at each other. We couldn't believe what had happened. There were no doors or windows open, no breezes, no one else in the apartment, no pets, nothing but the two of us and we hadn't touched the hat!! But there it lay on the kitchen floor several feet from where HB had placed it on the hamburger bank! We always took that as a sign that mom was listening in on our conversation. We couldn't decide whether or not she approved or disapproved....what do you think??

Monday, October 22, 2007

California Is On Fire....

As many of you know, Southern California is on fire! There are so many fires raging at this moment that I can't keep track of them all....from Malibu to San Diego.

Photo taken from the web.

Thankfully none of them are anywhere near where we live. I can only say I'm sending out good thoughts to all the people who are in the line of these fires. The big problem has been the wind and the dryness of everything. The humidity was in single digits in many areas yesterday. We had about 12% on our back patio.

If you don't live here or have never visited here you might think (from tv and the movies) we have perfect weather all the time. Not true!! We have some very treacherous weather at times and the wind is one of the biggest problems. Yesterday the news reported a wind gust of 108 MPH in the mountains above the Malibu area fire!! So you can see that a fire is a very dangerous thing under these dry, windy conditions.


On other news, I'm doing good after my last go-round with the dentists. This was a follow-up from the earlier visit. All is good and I don't have to go back until after Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I can't believe that this year is almost over! Christmas will be here before I can turn around and this year I have to get myself in the spirit and put up a tree. Last year I was Mrs. Bah Humbug and never seemed to get in the mood for decorating. Then we decided to put the house on the market in the Spring and when I had my big yard sale I sold a lot of my bigger Christmas decorations! Now I wish I had them back!! Oh, well....I guess that means I'll have to get new ones!


I am sorry to report I have no new art to show you today! I frittered away the entire weekend and never once went into the studio! I did do a little crocheting and soon I hope to have that baby blanket finished. All those little rings are so tedious to make!! But it will be worth it in the end when I can finally donate it and make someone happy.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Couple More Pages....

Here are some more pages I did yesterday....most likely by the time you read this I'll be either at the dentist or back from there and not feeling too happy!!

These are both clickable to see them larger.

I'm not thrilled with either one of these but I show you the good and the bad!! And I'm going to quit commenting on the colors. From now on just assume that all colors shown here are actually much different in person! It may be time for a new scanner and a new camera!!

I think it's also safe to assume these are both WIP! It's probably also safe to assume that I might not be posting much over the week end. If I feel up to it I'll stop by for some visits....I know I'm waaaaay behind!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Doing a Little Art....

Nothing much going on around here except another visit to the dentist tomorrow :-(

I've been keeping busy in the studio and being somewhat of a hermit! I did a couple more pages in my journal and once again my pictures don't capture the colors very clearly. I did these in much darker colors but they still appear lighter. I think I need a new camera!

Here's the first one....

and here's the second one....

The second one is my fav. They are both clickable if you want to see them larger.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is My Face Red....

To say I'm embarrassed is putting it mildly! Last month (!!) the wonderful Vallen had a giveaway and I was a winner! I received one of her fantastic bracelets and have worn it several times already....when I realized I hadn't said a thing about it here on my blog! I've been so distracted lately that I just forgot. Here is my photo of the bracelet....

but you should go to her blog to see a better photo of it. Thank you so much Vallen! I love it....and so does everyone who sees it!


Seems I'm just not keeping up with things lately! I did manage to do a couple of journal pages yesterday. The scans don't pick up the colors the way they look in person and there's also a lot of metallic ink that doesn't show up but here is the first one....

and here's the other one....

Both these photos are clickable if you want to see them larger.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sneaking Back Into Blogland....

Seems as if I've been gone for a loooong time! I miss reading all the blogs and keeping in touch with everyone but the past few days have been recuperative. I made it through the actual dental work with flying colors but it's been the aftermath that has me down. Nothing too serious but it will take a little time.

Enough of that. You would think with all this time on my hands that I would have tons of new art to show you....well, you would be wrong!! I've piddled and dabbled but I haven't really done anything of any consequence. For several days I sat on the couch with a box of magazines and just cut out images that I liked. I glued a bunch of them to the front page of one of my journals.....

This all started with the picture in the center with all the different colors....looks like wood planks. I've had this picture for a long time because I love it so much. When I finally used it I'm not happy with how it turned out!! Isn't that always the way???

Also here's another one of my doodles....

I'm always drawn to things that hold water....pitchers, tea pots, anything with a handle or a spout. I'm sure there's some Freudian explanation for this but I like to think it's just my nurturing side. Shut up, back there!! I can hear you laughing behind your hands! No one has ever said I was nurturing but who knows....the drawings come from someplace!

Anyway with all that said, I'll be around to visit this week. I've missed you all.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's All Over....

I survived!!

It wasn't as bad as I thought and I'm feeling pretty good tonight....that might have something to do with the pain medication though!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Me and My Navel....

My navel and I have had a relaxing few days. It's been so freeing to not think about my blog or what I'm going to write about or what I have (or don't have) to show you. I've dabbled in the studio, I've been out and about but mostly I've just enjoyed being here....and reading.

It seemed the perfect time to read this book....

I'm more than halfway through it and can't seem to put it down. I've neglected just about everything and everyone in order to sit and devour this book! I want to rush through it and finish it but I'm making myself go slowly and taste every morsel, feel every sensation, and enjoy every moment of it. I'm rather late to this party but if you haven't already read this book I highly recommend it.

Many times I don't read books that have a lot of hype or chatter about them....if too many people like the book then chances are that I won't!! Not a great thing to admit but true nonetheless! This is an exception. I'm loving this book!!


Here's one of my drawings....

I had to take a photo of this one because it wouldn't fit on the scanner bed. I think it's about 11' X 14' and I drew this from a magazine picture. Why do I always work on such big things?? Didn't I ever hear of scissors! For some reason I do bigger art than many other people and I think that's why I get intimidated at times. It's difficult to look at that huge expanse of paper and think "how am I ever going to fill that up?" Kai and I were talking about this recently. I never seem to stop and think that I can cut it down to whatever size I want! Even the journals I chose to work in are the standard paper size 8.5' X 11'....maybe that's why I can't seem to get into them....although I did do a little work in mine over the past few days. Nothing "finished" yet but at least I'm working in it.


Now for some other news....I'm going to be missing from blogland again for a couple of days beginning on Thursday. I'm having some work done!! Just kidding! I'm having a couple of teeth pulled and there's some other stuff involved so I may be out of commission for a couple of days. Please send me good thoughts around noon on Thursday....I'll need them.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Little Time for Me....

This is post number 502 for me!! I had planned to do something special when I hit 500 and it just slipped by without me noticing! That's what's been happening to me a lot lately. And I'm still trying to make heads or tails of the studio....what a job that's turned out to be!!

So with that in mind I think I'm going to take a few days off and just contemplate my navel....if I can find it! I think it's hiding somewhere underneath my boobs!!

I won't be gone long but I think I need to re-group. Plus it's the weekend and I wouldn't be using the computer very much's HB's I'll see you all in a few days. If I get a chance I'll pop in and say hi otherwise here's where you'll find me....

Photo from the internet

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nothing Much to Show....

I'm still working on the studio but I've made good progress. I'm also working on three drawings but I can't show them right now because they're going to be gifts! I can show you one that I sent out recently because it's already been received....

I have done a little work in my art journal but nothing that I can share! Sometimes a gal just has to have a few secrets!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morning in the Studio....

I'm going to attempt to clean and organize the studio today so I don't have a lot of time for the computer. I know I haven't visited anyone much for several days but I managed an hour this morning. If I haven't gotten to you yet don't give up....I'll stop by later today or tonight.

Now here's my quickie drawing....

For some reason that one brown is coming out as orange when I scan it. But in person all those long sections are in browns.