Monday, January 07, 2008

Awards, Snow (!!) and Some Creativity....

Sue has given me the You Make My Day Award! This is my second one. Thank you, Sue. Last time I forgot to post the rules for this so here they are:

"Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!"

This time I'll award this to the following people - Sue (right back at you!), Gemma, Giggles, Sharon, Lisa, and Lia.

Each one of these blogs makes my day. Thank you to every one of you for being an inspiration and for bringing so much to the blogging community. As I said before, I would like to award this to every one of the blogs I read but I'm just too lazy to make that many links!!


The first week of my being creative every day has been pretty successful. I've done some art (can't show you yet!), taken some photos, baked, and generally just been more aware of all the creative things I do each day. I feel that this challenge is very realistic and doable for me. Sometimes I frustrate myself because I see everyone is working in their art journals so I think I should be doing that. Then I see someone is knitting or crocheting and I think I should be doing that. Then I see someone is doing beading and I think I should be doing that....I think you get the picture! I keep jumping from one thing to another and many times it's only because someone else is doing it. This year I'm trying to focus on what I want to do! Gee, what a concept! So even though I'm not showing you what I've been working on you can be assured that I have been creating. And I've also been doing more writing in my gratitude journal.


This morning HB and I were out early and he took some photos....I can't take any credit for these. We had a little snow last night....

Taken from our driveway.

This is on the other side of town.

Same as above.

Then we decided to drive out a little bit past where we live and he got these shots....

Can you see the orchard at the foot of the hills? This is a pretty area just west of us. We don't get snow very often and there's usually not much of fact, we didn't have any snow at our house this morning. We had to drive a little to get even this much. But it always looks so pretty when you look out and see it on the mountains all around.


  1. The snow level wasn't down to 4000 ft, so we didn't get any at the house. But close by us is Mt Emma and it is covered! I got a couple of photos this morning too.

    The Friday night winds turned our huge trampoline onto it's side. It was vertical against a tree Saturday morning!

  2. The snow looks really pretty. We are getting that storm here today,mostly rain...but snowing in Northern Az.
    Thank you very much for the award

  3. Pretty mountains...we live on the shore where it's so flat. Nice for bike riding, but I miss the mountains. We used to live farther west in Maryland, closer to PA. Not too many mountains, but at least lots of pretty rolling hills. I'm thankful for where we live though, not complaining...just your mountains are beautiful.

  4. Thank you for the honor of this award! Just knowing you stop by makes my day! I love visiting your blog too! I'm also being creative everyday! I've always been creative but now I'm just way more conscious of it! It does bring me joy! Thanks for posting those photos because as you get to know people it's nice to see where they live! Apparently there is snow in areas surrounding us, but somehow we are as dry as a bone! Odd to watch the news and see how much has fallen, yet we have none!It feels bazaar!Still calling for more tonight....who knows maybe it will hit us this time!

    Thanks again Janet for thinking of me! Glad to bring a little light and love into your life!

    Hugs Sherrie

  5. Thank you so much for this award, Janet!!! I appreciate it more than I can tell you. I am exactly the same way about seeing what other people are doing and thinking I should be doing that too. Here's to doing what WE want to do! xoxoxox

  6. We have woke to snow for the past three days. More storms on the way.
    Your pictures are really good. My Mother got snow every year up on the hill going toward WrightWood. They lived on Sunny Slope in the hills above Phelan. Lots of really special snow days...Mama loved the snow.
    I hope HB is doing well, Hugs Mary

  7. Isn't the snow BEAUTY FULL???!!!i LOVE those photos and I can't wait to seeeeeeee what YOU have been working on!!! That's right Janet, do what YOU want to do!!!If we all did the same ole thing, wouldn't that be boring?!!! I get caught up too sometimes!!!

  8. Hi, Janet. Just dropping in to say hi. Sounds like all it the photos!!

  9. OO! I love to see photos of places people live in! ..You are doing great with your start 0f 2008!

  10. wow, amazing photos, stunning! And so DELIGHTED that HB is well enouth to get round and about now, that's a huge one for the gratitude journal. I must admit, after our recent scare I am acutely aware of what a privilege it is to wake up next to Max every morning!

  11. Halo!!

    it's been a while since I have commented ;) bad me!

    wishing you an abundantly blessed year my friend!!

    xo ~Izabella
    p.s. you definately deserve the "you make my day award!"

  12. The snow on the mountains looks like the moors in the scottish highlands, bleak but beautiful. I love the snow when it calms the landscape into serene slumber..
    Gorgeous pics Janet,
    PEace, Kai xx

  13. HB must be feeling better, that is good..!
    The snow dusting the mountain tops is pretty. We are in the January thaw, and ours has melted rapidly. Just for now though, I'm sure we will have lots more before Spring.

  14. Hi Janet,
    I think it is so pretty to see snow on your mountains. Mt. Evans Caldera is all mantled in snow here and is just breath taking. I never get used to it. Looks like loving arms embracing the city!

  15. Janet your mountain view is just so picturesque! Congratulations on your award..yours is a happy and inspiring blog to visit!
    I know what you mean when you see all the various creative folks within our community of bloggers..I always think
    I can do that..and I end up just thinking and NOT doing!!
    I do have time on my hands these days lots of it!!Not focused NG

  16. I LOVE snow!!!! And those photos look like art pieces!! How incredible!! And you bake bread?? Yummmmmmm! You are a day brightener for sure!!!

  17. Wow those pics are lovely Janet! we have had a little snow over here, just for one day! but it is unbelievably cold! congrats on the awards you deserve them your blog always inspires me!


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