Thursday, January 03, 2008

Being Charitable and Being Creative....

There's so much going on right now and it's all good! This might be another of those rambling posts where I cover so many things your head will be spinning. Sorry!! I just get excited about things and I have to share with you.

First up is a wonderful project involving knitting or crocheting. You can read all about it here (just scroll up when you click on the link.) This is such a worthwhile cause and one I hadn't seen before that I couldn't pass on it. And you don't even have to be really good at knitting or's very basic stuff! Please check it out and see if you'd also like to contribute.

Then while browsing on my bloglines last night I saw a new post from someone I hadn't seen in quite some time....I popped over to see what was up and found this most interesting post about commitment and being creative. If you struggle with this you will appreciate what she has to say. I found it almost eerily true for me.

Then as if all that isn't enough, I got a wonderful package in the mail from the kindest person in Blogland....Dot....and she sent a beautiful Dotee doll to my daughter!! Here's a photo of it....

Thank you, Dot!! I know she will love it.

My whole focus recently has been on HB and I have let my art kind of fall by the wayside. But since I'm doing the Creative EveryDay 2008 I've been thinking more about other ways I'm being creative. One thing I've been doing is taking photos. We have that new Rebel XTi and it's a bit intimidating to me but I've been giving it a try. Yesterday I took it up to the studio and took some pics of a few art supplies. I liked how all the colors looked.

Then I turned to some dried rose petals I had spread here's a shot of them....

I haven't learned about all the settings yet so the light might not be the best on these but I'm trying! And last night I actually sat down and sketched out an idea for a new picture. So I'm getting into the whole creative thing again. I think 2008 will be the Year of Creativity!!


  1. I agree, 2008 will be the year of creativity for me, too! hanks for And thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only one who struggles with commitment to creative passion. You always seem very productive, so if I can get to your level, I'll feel like I've made huge strides in commitment!

  2. Hey girl! It's me. I've been missing a little bit, but I'm back and scrolled thru your blog to see what I missed! Girl, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! And the tree you did with the Tria marker is really, really nice. I love your art! How thoughtful of HB to give you that book. He's paying attention...isn't that grand? xoxoxo

  3. I had already planned a year of creativity for me too. To really focus on clearing the clutter and doing art! Love this post Janet, the picture in your art room. Well you know me and color, love it....just curious about all the scissors? The little doll is adorable too! That knitting project seems like such a kind and charitable gesture!I didn't know they used those kind of bandages, very informative! Happy Creative New year to you!

    Hugs Sherrie

  4. Janet,
    So glad we are camera twins! Santa brought me the SAME one!!! Isn't it fun?
    Can't wait! So far I know NOTHING about it! But it is fun playing with the AV setting and the TV setting...ya know?
    Your pickies turned out well!
    Love the dotee dolly! She is sweet.
    Happy New Year Janet, all the best this year with photos, art and blogging my love.

  5. I'm sure you're going to love that camera! Just take your time and enjoy it. Happy New year!!! xoxo

  6. Hi Lucky Janet!!! I sure wish I had your new camera. I wanted one so bad last Christmas but Santa couldn't afford one for me. It looks like it takes great pictures. I hope to get back to being creative once I am completely settled into the new house. I have been making a few little things but have so much to unpack.
    I hope HB is feeling alot better.
    Lotsa hugs!!!!

  7. You are right about there being other ways of being creative than just making art!
    Learning a camera will lead to more creative adventures!

  8. Commitment is a BIG word....and can bring a lot of condemnation with it. We do this to ourselves. It should be a little easier to deal with in this way of thinking that I am being creative in all the things I do....I guess finishing is the big challenge. So I'm going to try to commit to finish what I start in 2008. Sounds good !

  9. Wow, so much yummy goodness in this post. I got a new camera and am a bit intimidated by mine, too. lol Your daughter looked so happy with her doll. I would be, too. It's gorgeous! Happy New Year, Janet.

  10. Hi Janet,
    I've been remiss in visiting again. some weeks are just like that. You have been very busy and Happy New Year!

  11. I am already behind in my creativity plan for 08! Waaaa! How's the hubby doing?

  12. Lovely to hear you being so upbeat and enthusiastic about the coming year. Creativity comes in all kinds of forms and photography can be a real art - there are some stunningly beautiful beautiful photographs around and by no means all professional. When I was at Deerfield Fair last year the photography entries were just wonderful, I would have bought some of them if they'd been for sale. I've had my camera nearly a year and still can't use it properly!

  13. Janet: I tried to go to Leahs link in your post on Creative Every Day (CED) because I wanted to maybe join in the challenge because I do it anyway. The link dosen't work. Could you let me know who she is and how to get there. Tanx.

  14. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Hi! I absolutely adore your art! I love this post!!! Thank you for sharing with us! :) *HUGS*

  15. 2008 will be a wonderful and creative year..
    I am glad you'll be trying all sorts of new things Janet.
    Thank you for the kind words you left Peace, Kai

  16. oh how CUTE are all those scissors?!!


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