Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Doing Something Creative....

You may have noticed a new picture on the right side of my blog....that one that says Creative EveryDay 2008. I didn't make any resolutions or goals this year as I failed so miserably with mine last year! But I did join Leah's challenge for this year. It seemed easy enough to do because being creative involves so many different things. Even baking cookies is creative! I can do that. Or make hot chocolate with a little something extra added. I can do that. Arrange a bookshelf. I really need to do that.

Anyway I think you get the idea. Being creative can take all sorts of forms and we just need to recognize that. So I've joined the challenge because it seems low key and something I can achieve. Thanks for doing this, Leah. I look forward to seeing where my creativity takes me this year.

Now with all that build-up you'd think I had something creative to show you....well, you would be wrong! Already on my first day, no photo! But I was creative. I took down the trees and got the house back to order, I made a delicious soup for my dinner (HB made his traditional black-eyed peas with ham) and baked a cake for dessert. Plus if you could photograph my mind (whoa! that might be a little bit scary for you!) you would have seen lots of ideas popping up, and I managed to even get some of them jotted down on paper for future use and development.

I had a nice, easy quiet start to 2008. How was yours?


  1. Hi Janet , I signed up for the Creative Everyday Challenge too. I hope it keeps the creativity flowing.

    Happy New Year ! Wishing you and Hb the best for 2008.

  2. Thank you for the link Janet, I have asked if I may sign up.

  3. lovely and quiet and we had black-eyed peas which we shared with a friend!

    Hope you and HB are doing well...are you still the nurse with calves of steel?

  4. Hey you did a lot today......I am on my way over for cake...

  5. Good luck in your creative everyday endeavor! I've seen so many new 2008 challenges for bloggers and creative souls....I admire those of you who rise to the challenge! I wish I could be that dedicated!

    Hope you are having a great New Year so far!

  6. I just signed up for Creative Every Day--thanks for the link. BTW, I love the new look of The Lavendar Loft:-)You are one busy gal, and I'm going to try to be more like you this year:-)

  7. Have a Very Blessed Happy New Year to You and Yours, Janet!!!

    I signed up too and made cookies today.

    We don't take tree down yet. Celebrate 12 days of Christmas.
    We might even keep it up for Valentines this year.

    Dd and I celebrated New Years a day early together and I stayed home and listened to music and watched a look back at the year on TBN.

    I like this challenge because it is no pressure.

    Have Fun with it!!!

  8. Hi, hope this year finds you well and HB on the mend! I love your definition of creativity and I'm sure you are going to find it way less stressful than all last year's resolutions! This time, rather than setting yourself up to feel like a failure, you are setting yourself up to celebrate the sense of achievement in all the tasks that make up your day, which is great!

  9. I sit back and think how inspirational it will be to visit all of you gifted spirits and see all your creations!You remind me when you said..
    "Even baking cookies is creative! I can do that. Or make hot chocolate with a little something extra added. I can do that. Arrange a bookshelf. I really need to do that."
    Janet I think I can be creative with a little reminder from YOU! Thanks
    still hopping about NG xo

  10. Miss janet, Well, having the ideas in your mind is the first step indeed!! Oh and soup and cake is better thana photo for us!! ;) You have already gotten your home back in order? Sheesh youa re gooood!! ;)

  11. Happy New Year Janet!!!
    You are well ahead of me!
    I have yet to take anything down, and here I sit!
    Hope you have a healthy and creative new year!

  12. Being creative everyday is a wonderful idea. Happy, happy new year.

  13. tinker9:22 AM

    So much creativity here! I'm drooling over your art supply photo.
    Glad you signed up with Leah, too.
    Hope you're staying dry and warm!


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