Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Doing Something Creative....

You may have noticed a new picture on the right side of my blog....that one that says Creative EveryDay 2008. I didn't make any resolutions or goals this year as I failed so miserably with mine last year! But I did join Leah's challenge for this year. It seemed easy enough to do because being creative involves so many different things. Even baking cookies is creative! I can do that. Or make hot chocolate with a little something extra added. I can do that. Arrange a bookshelf. I really need to do that.

Anyway I think you get the idea. Being creative can take all sorts of forms and we just need to recognize that. So I've joined the challenge because it seems low key and something I can achieve. Thanks for doing this, Leah. I look forward to seeing where my creativity takes me this year.

Now with all that build-up you'd think I had something creative to show you....well, you would be wrong! Already on my first day, no photo! But I was creative. I took down the trees and got the house back to order, I made a delicious soup for my dinner (HB made his traditional black-eyed peas with ham) and baked a cake for dessert. Plus if you could photograph my mind (whoa! that might be a little bit scary for you!) you would have seen lots of ideas popping up, and I managed to even get some of them jotted down on paper for future use and development.

I had a nice, easy quiet start to 2008. How was yours?