Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Had a Creative Monday....

Monday was a day of errands but I decided to look at it from a creative viewpoint. Afterall I was creating part of my life. And buying groceries is creative....you must choose what you want to eat, what ingredients you need to make a certain recipe, decide between the green peppers or the package of red and orange ones (I chose the latter!)....it's just how you look at it all.

I wish now that I had taken my camera into the store with me....can you do that? I guess there wouldn't be any reason you couldn't. Sometimes the way fruits and vegetables are arranged is very creative. All those different textures and colors piled up in nice neat little displays is very beautiful.

And the day was beautiful, too. A bit cool early on but as the day progressed it got warmer....the sun was out the whole time, not much breeze and I wore a long sleeved tee-shirt and was comfortable the whole time. Ya gotta love the weather in Southern California!!

So that was my day....with a little side trip to Joann's where I used a couple of coupons to buy new paintbrushes. I was good though and didn't go anywhere near Barnes & Noble!! Oh, I almost forgot, I went to our 99 Cent Store, too just to see what they had for Valentine's Day goodies. I love going to that store! I could spend hours in there just looking at all the stuff they have for 99 cents!! I bought a few little bits and pieces and resisted the rest!

I hope you had a good start to your week and that you noticed how it was creative. And I promise to have something to show you in the next few days. Some things are winging there way to people right now so soon they should arrive and then I can show you. After all this build-up you're probably expecting Rembrandts but they aren't!! Just a couple of drawings I did but I've been using color!!


  1. Janet,

    I have often taken pictures at open-air fruit stands- :) but haven't thought to take my camera into the grocery store! :) You're right tho, some interesting ways of arranging those fruits and veggies can be seen there!


  2. Oh, I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon...Maybe, I'll take my camera with me!!! Great idea. Thanks!!!

  3. I love your attitude. I think this whole adventure in life is creative. Yes, you should take pics at the grocery store.

  4. Looking forward to those new pictures from all sorts of stores now. Creativity is everywhere.


  5. I just love a good picture of fruit....you are so cute Janet...I can just see someone patting you on the back asking what the heck are you doing? Answer....I am feeling very creative today...that will work!
    I Love you, Mary

  6. Truly creativity is all around us! I'm heading to the dentist office...and will be taking along the socks I'm knitting on (for the waiting room!)...the temptation is that the yarn shop is very near the dentist's office...I must be STRONG...but of course I still have not made socks for EVERYONE in my family!...

  7. I've taken my camera into the store, just to get photos of the flower displays and the fruits and vegies looked so great I took some of them too as well as some of the asisles. Sure you can do that! The hard part is not banging it around as you shop,as I'm a very active shopper running around the store and all. So sure you can do that. It is a fun exercise!

  8. my type of day Janet
    ..side trips into Michaels or joannes? perfect!!
    Peace n hugs, Kai xx

  9. What a cute post, Janet! We artists are always wishing we had our cameras with us... we really do see beauty in everything and find it everywhere, don't we?

    Great idea. I need to hit up my local cheap-o stores and see what they have for Valentine's Day. Instead, today I went to Sweetpeas and Snapshots Scrapbooking store in West L.A. and purchased some pretty (and not cheap) papers and repro Valentines.

    Glad you're having a nice week.

    Take care,


  10. tinker8:32 PM

    I've sometimes snuck pictures in stores - but most of the fruits & veggie ones I've taken at farmstands - I don't know about the other supermarkets, but Stater's does have a sign up saying 'no photos' - I don't know why though! I do love to look at the produce though too. I think grocery shopping can be very creative though - especially if you're shopping on a budget nowadays, lol.

  11. When I whip out my camera to take photos ..I get strange looks sometimes. You know..taking pictures of my lunch..my coffee.... in a cafe..a store...! Hmmm...I never thought about the grocery store...

  12. Janet
    I love that you feel creative buying groceries. Funny, but that is the reason I choose what to wear in the morning...what hot drink to make...I do it subconsciously. I never thought to apply that same thought to buying groceries though! Conscious grocery-buying would probably lend itself to much healthier choices too, wouldn't it?
    Glad you bee bopped around town feeling comfy and happy. Days like that are worth hanging on to.

  13. I haven't felt a bit creative lately but I did put together a cart of groceries and I am going to make a stir fry tonight so I am going to count that.



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