Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Party Time....

Being an only child I was always perfectly happy to entertain myself and one of my most favorite things was paper dolls. I had tons of them. Every Saturday morning my mom and I got all dressed up and we went shopping (yes, back then you got dressed up to go shopping!) When she was finished with all her errands she would always take me to the Woolworth's or one of the other dime stores and I could get something. Most of the time it would be paper dolls.

Then there were the old catalogs. When Mom was finished with them I could have them and I loved it because not only could I cut out tons of paper dolls but I could also cut out furniture and all the things to make houses for the paper dolls.

Then as I got older, I've told you that Gail and I used to spend hours drawing women in evening gowns and other fabulous attire! We fashioned our women after the old Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs that were all hand-drawn at that time....no real models were used in them back then!

My background in Paper Dollology goes way back! So it was with great pleasure that I read that Norah's was having a paper doll party! I was a bit slow getting started and then yesterday I didn't have much computer time but finally here is my paper doll! I think I'm calling her Rhonda because of her reddish hair....if you're about my age then you'll know who Rhonda Fleming is!! Also that's the name of my little red Honda! But who cares about that right now! Here is Rhonda the paper doll....

All in pieces

And then here she is all excited to meet everyone and join in the party....

The pictures aren't the greatest but with the current cloudiness it was the best I could manage. You can see that Rhonda is a bit of a retro girl....maybe even a little bit hippy with her "flower child" dress and boots. She can't decide if she wants to be a little girl or grow up and be a woman! So she's a little bit of both and having fun while she can. Party on!!!!


  1. Hello,
    I just stumbled on your blog, your art is lovely. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  2. Oh "these boots are made for walkin"...I love Rhonda. She is so fabulous. I'm so glad you played with me. Wouldn't if be fun to "really" get together and have a paper doll party? Can you just imagine the inspriation that would be flying in the room. Virtual is the next best thing though and boy was it fun. I'll be watching for Rhonda's friends to appear.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. LMAO Janet, you made me!! hippy flower child.

    teehee, Ok, well can you ask Rhonda if I can have her dress.. It's groovy!!

    This doll is delightful! and you are talented and wonderful..
    PEace, Kai xx

  4. I remember paper dolls Janet but they were never as groovy as Rhonda--party on girl.

  5. Rhonda is a doll, and not just a paper one..!
    Very creative Janet..!

  6. I love the doll. I always loved paper dolls....yours is great. Nice hair to..I love red

  7. I'm so thankful for the "good ole days" we had together, I see you have not lost your touch! Glad your doll looks like a good girl, and not one from the Fredricks style.....tee hee! BE BLESSED :-)

  8. Love Rhonda,,she seems like such a Happy little thing. My Mom really got me into paper dolls and taught me how to make with the old catalogs. We use to have so much fun making them. And she could really sketch some nice women portraits too. This post really took me back and made me smile.

  9. Rhonda is very cool. Dollology-I love it!

  10. I love your paperdoll creation! Redheads are my favorite! I do remember Rhonda Fleming and I too used to entertain myself making paper dolls from out-of-date catalogs! Then when I had a "real" paperdoll,expand her wardrobe by designing and drawing lots more clothes for her!

  11. Oh, I forgot to say, I am still in my pajamas...could visit blogs and not get dressed until noon, but I read your list in the last post so I'd better go choose something to wear myself!!!!

  12. Alll right!
    Janet you took me back to my childhood...My Grandmother did the same thing with me! (only it was Murphey's Five and Dime) Your doll is rockin'

  13. I love your paper doll. She is a swinging mod from '60s London. I especially love her hair.

    I, too, loved paper dolls when I was a kid.


  14. Rhonda is very chic, very hip, very cool!!!
    I was late to the party too but finally made a paper doll last night. Now I'm hooked and know what I need to do differently for the next one. I see a lot of paper dolls in our future!
    Your drawings lend themselves perfectly for these...you amaze me!!

  15. She is perfect for a party. I remember getting dressed up to go shopping or even just to go downtown in the dinky little places we lived. Different now, huh?

  16. tinker2:35 PM

    Rhonda is one groovy chick! So cute, Janet - and I remember who Rhonda Fleming was - iceskating was one of the few 'sports' that seemed interesting to me as a kid. I remember going to Woolworth's with my grandma and mom - and still even then in the early 60's, everyone would dress up to 'go downtown,' too. Paperdolls were always one of my favorite things, too. I love yours!

  17. Ooooh, how fun! I love her hair, I love her dress, I love everything! I'm a hippy too! Woooohooo!

  18. Rhonda is gorgeous with her wild red hair and I want that dress !

    Thank you for the tip on NORAH's PD party ! I did not know that ! Zooming over right after I leave here.

    You made me think back to my breif paper doll experiences... I did love them too. Not playing so much as dressing, cutting out, etc.

    But YOU ! You girls were "progressive" paper doll people with your fantastic Fredrick's catalog cut outs. Great resource for the undies !

    My poor dollies musta been nudie under thier clothes !


    looks like you are getting snow this weekend ! brrrr.

  19. And she is ever so fab.

  20. Hope Rhonda had fun at the party and I hope you are feeling better!!!
    Thanks again for my card Janet!
    There's a great paper doll book I got last spring...Terry Taylor is the author...I think it's called Artful Paper Dolls..do you have that one?

  21. I love her! I have wanted to make paper dolls like this for a long time. Thank you for the inspiration!!


  22. Wow Ronda is Fabulous, fashionable and funky!! You're an expert as this!! Love her outfit and great modern look!!! Great Job!!! Feel better soon!

    Hugs Sherrie

  23. what fun! the way you did this hair is great, how about trying the same principle for the mermaid/medusa lady, but using blacks and dark blues and dark purples for highlights?

  24. She's fantastic! She makes me want to have red hair again! *^v^*

  25. O! I LOVED paper dolls! I would do the same things with catalogs!! and I had book shelves and these would become different rooms for their house!!! Did YOU have the Lennon Sisters???!! tee hee I've had 2 paper dolls in my Etsy for the longest time! I'll have to make the kind YOU have so YOU can dress them in different outfits maybe! It's a shame they don't make them like they used to! Hi! Rhonda! YOU are SWEET!

  26. Love your paper doll! I grew up with paper dolls, too, so your story brings back lots of memories. My little sisters and I would sit for hours designing and cutting out all kinds of glamorous clothes for our girls. Wish you had been there with us to add to the fun:-)


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