Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's Give Peace a Chance....

While blog-hopping today I came acrossAngela's blog and she led me here to this site for world peace.

Please take a moment and visit and then get on the Peace Train yourself. You can get the logo for your own blog. Together maybe we can let the world know that WE WANT PEACE!!


I did do some cleaning on the studio but then after I had cleared a space on the worktable it looked so inviting that I sat down and started messing around with things. So the clean studio will have to wait a bit longer!

This afternoon is HB's follow-up doctor's appointment to get the results of all his tests. Keep thinking good thoughts!


  1. Thank you for coming by - I have also been trying to connect with others on the CED2008.

    I'll bookmark ya and stop around again!


  2. Thanks for posting this on your blog. I will be adding you to the list. welcome Aboard!

  3. Thinking nothing but good thoughts Janet.

  4. Hi..I like your lavender blog. I like lavender too.Visit mine and you will know.I joined the peace train too!Please vote me too janet!Ciao!:)


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