Thursday, January 31, 2008 the mail??....or on TV??

My time is short today but I wanted to share with you the adorable piece of art that I got in the mail yesterday from Ang. We did a swap together. The piece I did for her is still somewhere in the mail hopefully not lost!

This is "Peace Girl" and she has tiny glittery stars in her hair and on her necklace but they don't show up in the her lips are juicy and have just a touch of glitter, too. She's just about the cutest thing I've seen lately and I love her. She will be a most happy and cheerful addition to my studio. Thank you, Ang!

I'm sorry this is so short but it's a busy day plus I have to be ready for tonight. I will be glued to the tv from 8PM until 10PM....LOST is back!!!! I'm so excited! I've missed my bad boys and can't wait to see them again. Last night I watched the rerun of the last episode and that just whetted my appetite for more!


  1. "Peace Girl" is adorable. Janet, you & I are sounding more & more alike. I too watched "Lost" last night & will be glued to the tube tonight. I love those bad boys too!

  2. Ang rocks!!!! Peace girl is very cool!

  3. Love that girl, yummy art!

  4. Peace girl is so sweet! I have never watched Lost..interesting how we all have differet taste in TV programes..
    Me I love the Donald and Survivor and American idol...yes I'm a reality kind of girl! pass the popcorn! NG

  5. Peace Girl is beautiful Janet! What a great swap..
    Hope you enjoyed Lost - it's a great show!

  6. Mike and I were in front of the TV last night too! We caught up on season 3 over the Christmas holiday. This is the first time we've had to watch "live" and not on DVD. It's going to be tough to wait for the next show each week!!

    I'm sad there are only 8 episodes done. I sure hope the writer's strike comes to an end sometime soon!

  7. Oh how cute!! I love her.
    Can I still catch up on Lost? Is it too late?
    I should have watched the other night...oh well. I hear so many good things about it. May try to catch it tonight. Nice to have a great TV show to look forward to..

  8. Oh, I love those bad boys too. I was glued to the set for two hours on Wednesday and two hours last night. I shut the dogs out of the bedroom and told Dan not to disturb me. Jack?? or Sawyer?? Sawyer?? or Jack??

    Tho Desmond has always looked really good to me since he came on the show (soulful, sensitive type).
    And Dammit it all, why did they have to kill off Boone?


  9. How are very talented....must be cause you moved out of the snow to the sun!!!!

  10. Aloha Janet,
    PEace indeed.. She is precious.

    I love that lost is back and finally we have even more questions then :)

    peace, Kai xx


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