Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tag!! I'm It....

I've been tagged by Violette to tell 5 things about myself that are weird or random. This is gonna be a toughie since I've done this a few times in the past and you all know I'm just not that weird!! That's a joke, people!

Here are the rules: Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

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So here goes:
1. I'm basically a loner but I also like to have people around....just not all the time. I could never have people just popping into my house at all hours of the day and night. I like my quiet times too much.

2. I love playing games on the computer....Spider Solitaire, Bejeweled, and Mah Jongg are ones I like to play. Sometimes I play late at night when HB has gone to bed. The games are more entertaining than tv most of the time!

3. We seldom eat at fast-food restaurants. We've lived in this area since 2001 and I think we've eaten in maybe 3 or 4 fast food places in all that time. Personally I like "real" food and not that junk they serve! If someone opened up a health food fast food place I might be interested.

4. I've told this before but I'm not a phone person. I think about calling people all the time but it usually doesn't happen because I just hate to talk on the phone! Maybe that's because for so many years my jobs involved talking on the phone....or maybe I'm just a weird person. Which do you think??!!

5. I don't fit the usual stereotypes about women. I hate shopping, I don't like diamonds or most other jewels, furs, and such, I don't like gossip, and I'm not very girly. But I like drawing that kind of woman! What does that say about me??

Sorry those were so boring but I've just about run out of weird and random things to say about myself! Plus I don't really have an exciting life full of adventure and such. I'm a fairly ordinary person.

I'm not going to tag anyone for this because most people I know have done it already but if you want to do it just go ahead and give it a whirl....and let me know so I can come read your answers.


I told you I would have some art to share with you and I finally finished a couple of things. Nothing too great but here's a face I did....

And I finished a couple of the mermaids I showed last week....

EDITED: Both of these have very intense color but it didn't come through in the scan. I waited until this morning (Sat) to take some photos and they came out better so I've made the switch. The bottom mermaid has a light blue background but it isn't showing much even in the photo....and the top mermaid has a green and blue body and fin but it isn't showing very well either. Actually the bottom mermaid is very pretty in real life as I used Twinkling H2Os and she shimmers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Janet, you've added color and these are wonderful...


  2. Wowza,,I love the new drawings and don't cha just love H20s? I have a whole lot of those and love them.
    Your wierd facts sound like me so much. Espiecally the phone thing and jewelry,,
    Hope you have a great week-end!!!

  3. No. 5 doesn't sound weird to me in fact that is also me except for the drawing bit--and the mermaids are beautiful.

  4. Oh are not weird, well, if you are, then that makes two of us! LOL I guess I am weird, now that I think about it! I am not a phone person, don't like people POPPING in, and I also like 'puter games now and then...more than T.V. Oh, I have never been into diamonds or rubies at all, but I do like making jewelry with natural gemstones...go figure.
    I also LOVE your MERMAIDS! So so sweet and that first face just spoke to me. I love childlike faces, guess that's why. :)
    I have been working on a mermaid project for so long and she is still not finished...not that I'm putting that much effort into her, she just sits there and stares at me, and I have yet to get that push to do anything. Too busy with other projects!
    Have a good weekend!

  5. I will have to think about these 5 little looks at Janet. I find we have more in common than we might those Mermaids!!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Your lovely colors are very springy-we need that right now. Arctic air and high of 20 tomorrowbrrrrr.
    Nothing weird about you friend. I think we may have been separated at birth. You got the good hair though.

  7. The mermaids, in particular, are wonderful - I can imagine them on my neices wall.

    I don't even answer the phone most times, just call back if I want to. So I understand.

  8. Hi Janet, i was right there with you on #1-4 but I LOOOOVE jewelry. I don't need to wear it, I like making it or just touching it. My fav if the #1 picture. One-eyed Fiona. :) she's a cutie.

  9. Hi Janet,
    I happened here from Monica's Blog re"Pink" I'm playing along there as well .
    I love your Tag answers.;-}
    We are much alike in a few spots but I do LOVE DIAMONDS!!VBG
    I like your work...Mermaids are facinating, I just made a beaded mermaid doll awhile ago...
    I named the piece"Hey Sailor" VBG
    Thanks for having me just "drop in"
    I guess it's Ok via the web!!;-}
    Southern Ontario, Canada

  10. I'm with on point #3 but I am a diamond kind of girl..I feel if you have em..wear em! Love the curly hair on these gals! diamond star NG

  11. Girlie, your art with color is fabulous!! And your tag...are you sure we are not related? Numbers 1,3, 4 and 5 describe me to a T. Or a Tee. Or a Tea. Well, whatever! But it does!

  12. The drawings are wonderful!

    #1 - not loner - recluse! Sounds more exotic haha. I am too.

    #2 - I love Spider Solitaire and Bejeweled.

    #3 - You're not missing anything.

    #4 - It could be having use telephones at work. For me, it's part of the recluse thing. I do talked with my sister weekly and that's about it. As was said in the old movie "First Monday in October" telephones have no Constitutional right to be answered.

    #5 - I use to love shopping. It was a "sport" hehe. Now it's a effort.

    I have loads in common with you on these facts.

  13. wow just gorgeous mermaids Janet...I love love love the colors!! H2os are the best but you can't capture the glory of their vibrancy in photos!

    1,2 and 4 are me verbatim! Except my game of choice as you know is scrabble, I like tetris, solitaire, and online crib too! We have used a few fast food places in a pinch but it's not a regular habit, and it's not the mainstream ones, it's not been the big M for close to five years now!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I'm not a diamond, fur or phone kind of person either!!! tee hee and those drawings are SWEET!!! Etsy is calling your name!!! I still haven't tried the H2Os!!

  15. We're not loners! We're independent women!!! xoxo

  16. i could relate to all five of those things (not really a phone person, not very girly, but love to draw beautiful women, kind of a loner, not a fast food person, hate shopping)!!

  17. I can identify with a few of those, Janet. I like my own space and could never have people dropping in all hours of the day. I also prefer real food over fast food restaurants any day. Bejeweled and Moraff's MahJongg are two of my favourite computer games. Btw, I LOVE the mermaid at the bottom...great colours and pose! :)


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