Monday, January 14, 2008

A Trashy Afternoon....

Thanks to Leah and CED2008 I'm constantly thinking about the ways I'm being creative....and I'm enjoying it. I don't always have pictures of everything because that would be difficult plus I'm sure a bit boring!!

If you've read this blog for any length of time then you know I love paper and I hate to throw it out....especially if it may have any use whatsoever. But we get a lot of junk mail. I mean a LOT!! For awhile I was keeping it to make paper mache but lately I haven't been using much paper mache....make that none, zero, zip!! I threw out all my bags of shredded paper. Yes, I had trash bags filled with shredded paper! Hey, you just never know when you might get the sudden urge to make paper pulp! It could happen.

In our house we are the proud owners of not one but three shredders! Yep! I said three. There's the old one that just makes strips. That one is up in the studio and doesn't get used much. Then I have a cross-cut shredder and so does HB. There are times when they're both going at the same time! I'm a firm believer that nothing goes into the trash that may have our names on it! I shred things that probably don't need to be shredded but better safe than sorry is my motto!

So yesterday I looked at my plain, simple box that holds the items to be shredded and it just looked so's an empty file folder box that sits on the shelf in the office. I decided to make it look a little nicer. What do you think?

I used a catalog from a paper place (I thought that was appropriate!) and just tore pages and glued them all over the box....even the bottom. Here it is at work....

I think that's being creative on a lazy Sunday afternoon plus it will give me pleasure to look over and see all those pretty colors instead of just a plain old file folder box. Maybe I'll even shred things more often and not wait until the box is overflowing!

I know it isn't a work of art or anything even close but it was fun and I did create something from nothing which is always one of my favorite things to do. Next I'm going to cover the box that I use for things that need filing. Soon I may have a riot of color here in the office and all of it from junk mail or throw-away catalogs.


  1. Good for you! A little color never hurt anything...I like the idea! Makes it so much more pleasant.

    Oh, I shred everything that comes into my house that I'm going to throw away that has my name on it. Living in an apartment complex I don't take any chances!

  2. Repeat after me, Janet, until you have it memorized: "It is a work of art, it is a work of art, it is...."


  3. Dang that is clever. I love color and this is right down my alley. Thanks for that.

  4. Thanks for being a NON Lurker!!

  5. Wonderful box Janet. very creative.


  6. don't put your creations down, janet! i *love* your box and it is a work of art!

    i so love that you are exploring all different ways to be creative. it's fun isn't it? :-)

  7. You are so clever Janet- the box looks very "arty".
    I use my shredder to cut up fancy paper that I want to use on my cards because it cuts quarter inch widths which is the same size as the double sided tape--and it will do multiple pieces at once.

  8. Great idea...recycle paper by covering boxes with them!! Really cute Janet...

  9. I love making pretty boxes. I keep mine for project boxes.. But yours is just gorgeous Janet!!
    As for throwing paper away..You should come to Sedona and learn Origami :)
    Peace, Kai xxxx

  10. We had a shredder at the last house but it didn't make the move, however that is one thing on my list. Besides I didn't scrapbook back then but I can see how that might be a handy tool, good idea Doreen, thanks.I'm all for putting pretty paper on ANYTHING!! Love the boxes.

  11. I love that is better than some they have done on Martha Stewart! You are creatiave!

  12. Hi Janet. I love the shredding box new look. Your smart to shred EVERYTHING. we shred most but you've got the better idea to make it everything. It's a dangerous world out there. Have you been over to Lisa Oceandreamer's lately. She getting ready to start up One World One Heart for 2008 !
    I can't wait.

  13. Hi Janet,
    Love your box...very colorful and creative. I keep trying to be more organized, but I always fail. As soon as I get organized, I stop creating. But then I can't find things when I'm disorganized, so it's a vicious cycle.
    Shredding is a good thing...

  14. that box is brilliant !!!
    I also save all my paper scraps and now I want to try this at my house !!

  15. Congratulations on creating order and space. We can all use with a bit more of each I'm sure.

  16. WoNDERFUL idea! Love it and it looks great. I'm with you about shredding and not letting your information get out there. One of my DD went thru that identity theft stuff several years ago and it still affects her credit! Someone even tried to get a loan against her home equity. Bold, huh?

  17. Great idea Janet, and it is a lovely hit of colour..!
    Who says it isn't art..?
    It's creative, and brightens your environment, that does it for me..!

  18. It looks great! hmmmm, now I wish I got more junkmail. LOL

  19. Hello.

    Who am I and why did I pop in here? ,-) Well, I've seen your Icon on comments, in lots of the "Pretty Blog Land" blogs I frequent. Every time I see your Icon picture, I think... What a pretty lady! And so, today... Instead of just thinking it, I came over and told you.

    I'm a Lady Of A Certain Age too. But my 'certain age' is more advanced than most. I love the perks of 'advanced age.' Speak up when I want to, etc., etc. And happily announce that I 'can't do that anymore' to many requests. Yes, there are perks!!!

    But I am not creative like you. I love it that some are. And I don't mind one bit, that I'm not. I can't play an instrument or sing either. But I can still enjoy music.

    So Hi again...

  20. THREEEEEE shredders??? Girl, you are a magpie of NOTE!!! Just as well your house didn't sell, imagine packing that lot! hehe. Love the new drawings.

  21. I am alittle late on my comment, but here goes....Love the Box! I call it Trash to Tresures. I love Boxes, I can't seem to pass them by. I love to paint them and then I will fill them with just about anything. And I love to collage them to. I think it is just plan fun. My unwanted mail goes into our wood-burner, it will be about 12 tonight so we have it going.
    Hugs, Mary

  22. tinker8:34 PM

    Great idea! I used to have a detergent box that I decoupaged to keep scraps in, but then I took it to the school, and it got 'appropriated' quite a while ago - this makes me want to do another one!

  23. I think your box is wonderful - so colourful!!


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