Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Queen....

This will be a quick entry....I'm still sharing the computer with HB and he's been using it quite a bit lately. When I'm not on the computer that means more time to be creative in the studio.

I did this drawing yesterday....

It should be clickable to view larger.

I may do some more work on this one but this is what I have so far.

EDITED: I just did a little more definition work on her plus added just a touch of blue to her sleeves (I don't think it shows in the scan.) so here she is again....


  1. What a beautiful queen Janet, you draw very well.

  2. That's some elegant lady Janet

  3. She is beautiful. I can envision the ball she is off to.

  4. Janet,
    She looks just like Marie Antoinette! You should join the Toy Theater group!! She'd be perfect!!!
    I hate when people say "should", I "should" have said, "come and play toy theater" instead and bring along your Marie! :))
    Have a great day!

  5. I can see that theim away from the computer is being used creatively! I especially like your collage re-do. It has a romantic feel for this time os year!

  6. Isn't she lovely. I also like the journal page below and the improvements. The ribbon will be a nice touch. Hope you show it to us too.

    I put my quilt master plan on Excel. It works great that way because I am color coding it and can see the distribution of the reds vs the browner tones. No clumps of color that way.

    I love the drawing a few posts ago of the lady walking the penguin. Where did you ever get such a cute idea. Great imagination.

  7. I really like the "Queen" I see her in blue and purple???
    Also like the re-done collage,the saying, is that a stamp?
    My com[any arrived this morning.
    BE BLESSED :-)

  8. Came here from Mrs Nesbitt. I discovered in my late 30s that I could draw and paint. I think your work is great.

  9. Janet she's lovely! I wish I could draw... It is the one thing I've always wanted to do but I just don't seem to be able to really let go and just flow with it. You have a gift!

    Hugs! Nancy

  10. Very beautiful, Janet!!! Oh, and I got the New Blogger mag just so I could have your ballroom gown picture in it. I should send it to you and get you sign it. The mag was great!

  11. love this queen! i love the dress.

  12. beautiful, Janet! And thanks for visiting my blog! I like your composition book too. I have "list" books everywhere.... Kelly

  13. Really, really nice Janet. Really!!!

  14. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE her! Mary

  15. Oh, this is beyond Gorgeous!
    I LOVE it!
    I bet she would look beautiful in colors to!
    You Go Girl!
    Sandra Evertson

  16. I am running out of adjectives for your drawings......have I said spectacular yet? hmmm I think so....ok this time I'll go with..brilliant!!!

  17. O! I'd love to borrow her dress! Just for a minute to dress up as a queen! tee hee She is Sweet Janet!!!

  18. She reminds me of marie antoinette too and very legant belle of the ball. I'm actually liking black and white these days as opposed to adding colour. very well drwan Janet. What do you do with your drawings? do you make them into cards? journals?

  19. Hi Janet-your additions make her even more alluring. Thanks for stopping by. The hands I used on the pink square were a mold (cant remember what brand). I've done hands by sculpting and you're right, they are hard and this had a deadline so I gave in to the easy way.

  20. Happy Valentine's Day, and YES we would love to have you in the Toy ?Theatre Troupe!

    Your Marie would rock the runway!


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